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Good evening,

I am using one iGrid displaying several iGRows for several differnt options to choose from. In certain cases I need one iGRow to display two ellipsis buttons in two different iGCells with different glyphs and optionally triggering differnt events? Up till now I have not found any solution to this problem. Is this possible at all? If it is can someone point me out into the right direction or provide an example?

If you place ellipsis buttons in different cells, the parameters of the EllipsisButtonClick event allow you to know what button has been clicked.

To draw individual glyphs on them, use the CustomDrawCellEllipsisButtonForeground event. Its parameters, RowIndex and ColIndex, also tell you what ellipsis button is about to be drawn. If you need a custom image in it, draw it using usual GDI+ methods and set the DoDefault parameter to False to prevent iGrid from drawing the standard image.