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My iGrid selection mode is MultiExtended, means i can select a wide range of cells with the mouse.

Is there a possibility to get all the selected cells into the windows buffer to paste it for example to excel?
If i now select a rang and do "STRG+C" and "STRG+V" in Excel nothing happens.

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The copy-paste functionality was not included into the control not to bloat it. In addition to that, there can be different ways to transfer the contents of the selected cells into the clipboard and sometimes the developer needs to adjust this part of the functionality depending on the particular situation. For example, you may need to copy numeric or date cell values without formatting applied to them with the help of a format string. The format of the copied data also depends on the application you want to use these data in.

As a result, we provide a basic implementation of this functionality in the form of the open-source reusable code. It can be found in the Copy Paste Manager extra sample for iGrid.NET on this page: 

Download it, attach it to the required grid(s) and adjust the functionality if required.