I have an iGrid with editable cells.

I can copy (Ctrl-C) from Row 3, column 4 and then paste (Ctrl V) to row 6 column 4 with no problems.

If I Copy from Row 3, column 4 and then select 4 cells (rows 6,7,8,9 in column 4) and paste using Ctrl V
the grid only pastes into the last cell (9,4).

Is there a way to allow a one to many paste?

Thank you.
We have never thought about this functionality that can be really useful in real-world apps. I checked whether MS Excel does what you requested, and yes, it does this. As a result, I have implemented this useful enhancement in our iGrid ActiveX and sent you a link to download it in a private email message. Let us know here whether iGrid works as expected in multi-select mode now.

I tried this new version ad it works great.
I also noticed the column width with the "&" issue was resolved. This was next on my list.

Thank you for your quick response.

Laurie Borlase