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I am starting today to test iGrid & iGAutoFilterManager.

In our architecture with split gui and business: For the gui layer it is forbidden to access local files.
The methods of iGAutoFilterManager (SaveFilterToFile(…), RestoreFilterFromFile(…)) access to local files. I would get the configuration setting from the iGAutoFilterManager as a string. This string I will give to the business layer - and backwards.

Is there a possibility to get and set the filter configuration with a string?

thanks Horst
The iGColAutoFilter object returned by the AutoFilterManager's ColAutoFilter method has the FilterAsBase64String property. Use it to retrieve/set the current filter for an iGrid column as string.

Pay also attention to the SaveFilterToMemory/RestoreFilterFromMemory methods which allow you to save/restore the grid filter in memory without accessing the file system.