the iGrid objects in my databases are extremely large. Anyone know how i can refresh whatever it is that's causing this?

If i make a copy of the database, delete the iGrid objects in a form then compact and repair i see anywhere from 30mb to 100mb file size reduction.
iGrid is a visual control but not a thing that stores data. As such, it should not be very big in size, especially if we talk about tens of megabytes.

Perhaps, your form is corrupted and you need to recreate it to fix this issue.
Think i could send you a file where this is happening? It will randomly happen while coding. The file size will jump by like 50mb per iGrid object in the form. When this happens i just delete the iGrid objects and put new ones in, then compact and repair. Now that i have a work around it's kind of just annoying. Although before i figured it out it was crashing access, losing work, etc..

Here is the code i use to format the iGrid on load.

Private Sub grdSetup(cgrd)
    ' format iGrid
    If ErrCatchOn Then On Error GoTo Grr
    Dim grd As iGrid
    Set grd = cgrd
    Dim m As Variant
    m = GetDpi
    Set cgrd.BackgroundPicture = LoadPicture(Application.CurrentProject.path & "\bg.jpg")
    With grd
        .RowMode = True
        .Editable = False
        .Font.Name = "Consolas"
        .Font.Size = 20
        .ForeColor = vbWhite
        .GridLines = igGridLinesHorizontal
        .header.UseXPStyles = False
        .header.BackColor = vbActiveBorder
        .header.ForeColor = vbBlack
        .header.Font.Name = "Consolas"
        .header.Font.Size = 14
        .header.Height = 30 * m
        .header.Flat = True
    End With
    Set grd = Nothing
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox Err.Description
    Resume GrrExit
End Sub
Oh, now I see you are loading a picture bg.jpg. What is the size of this file? Try to use iGrid without this custom background picture and tell us whether your problem is gone.

We have never heard about the issue you reported earlier. Perhaps, it occurs because of the picture you load. I think so because I can't recall that anyone from our customers used background pictures for iGrid in Access forms before. If it is true, then the problem somewhere on the side of MS Access because binary big data are stored in form resources by this dev env, not by iGrid.

BTW, you can also experiment with forms without iGrid. Does your problem occur if you load your bg.jpg with the LoadPicture function then?
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