Chris Locke
We have a legacy VB6 program which works fine on Windows 10. It has a mix of iGrid 2.51, v4.50 and v4.60.
We've put the application on our remote desktop server (windows server 2016) and the .exe starts, but crashes (application has stopped working ... [close program]) as soon as a form with iGrid 2.51 is on it.
We can 'upgrade' the forms to use different grids, but wondered if there was a quicker fix - a DLL thats missing on the server, or some setting, etc.

No. I think the problem is inside the iGrid OCX itself. If the v2.51 crashes, then most likely the problem is in the previous subclassing technique we used or something like that. You can "fix" it only by switching to a later version.
Chris Locke
Thats kinda what we feared. Our application has >180 forms with this grid on, amongst >2000 forms. There is quite a programming jump (as far as I understand?) from v2.51 to 4.60 - its not as simple as hacking the .frm files and expecting it to just 'work'.
This could be a fun task.... ;)

Thanks for the prompt reply though - appreciated.
Generally newer versions of iGrid are backward compatible with earlier releases, but this depends on the features you are using.

Don't forget that we have a free utility that automates the process of replacing one OCX with another in VB6 projects: