VB6 Project References Update Tool - OCX Updater

OCX Updater is a FREE open-source utility for the classic Visual Basic (VB6). It is used to automatically update VB6 project references. In fact, it is a very handy tool to replace one ActiveX control with another in your VB projects (vbp project files) in an elegant self-explanatory one-screen interface:

10Tec VB6 Project References Update Tool main window

The tool name comes from the "OCX" term. This is a term used as the file extension for the visual ActiveX controls the developers generally use in such development environments like VB6 and VBA in MS Office.

If you are a VB developer and use an ActiveX component in your projects, you may face a problem when a new version of the ActiveX control is released: you need to replace the old OCX control with the new one saving all the properties you made through the Property Editor. It can be done by editing the source files directly in text editors like Notepad, but it is a real pain because you need to know the CLSID, ProgID, type library name and other low-level parameters of your OCX's.

OCX Updater significantly simplifies this work. All you need to do is to point the old and new OCX files and click the launch button in the tool - OCX Updater does the work automatically.

Using our VB6 Project References Update Tool is easy. First, select the project to update. Then select the old component from your project on step #2 and the new one on step #3. And finally click the Start Update Process button to replace the OCX's.

As a nice addition, OCX Updater also saves all the settings you made between program launches. We and the customers of our ActiveX components, such as the iGrid ActiveX Grid Control, use this utility to update our projects when the new versions of the control come out.

OCX Updater is written in Visual Basic 6 and requires VB6 runtime library. The utility also refers the Microsoft TypeLib Information DLL tlbinf32.dll, which allows you to programmatically extract information from COM type libraries. This DLL is redistributable and ships with Visual Studio 6.0 or Visual Basic 6.0. If you do not have tlbinf32.dll, it is redistributed together with the OCX Updater tool. You can download tlbinf32.dll and the source code of 10Tec VB6 Project References Update Tool from the following page:

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