• Excel VSTO Add-in: Add Ribbon Button and Update Cell Value
    This article explains how to add a button to the Office Ribbon and display a dialog when this button is clicked. The dialog is used to make a choice and update the active worksheet cell accordingly.
  • Basic Example of Excel VSTO Add-in: Display Form with Grid
    The Visual Studio Tools for Office technology (VSTO) allows us to extend Office applications with the .NET Framework and its WinForms package. This article gives you a basic example of Excel VSTO add-in displaying a form with the iGrid control. This sample is a good starting point for all who wants to master VSTO.
  • Native .NET Core WinForms Grid Control - iGrid.NET
    .NET Core 3.0 brings support for WinForms. Our flagship grid control, iGrid.NET, is fully compatible with the new platform and can be used as a native .NET Core WinForms grid control.
  • How to Merge Cells in DataGridView
    You cannot merge cells in DataGridView as it does not provide you with dedicated tools for that. The article contains descriptions and analyzis of some well-know approaches to solving this problem.
  • Sort DataGridView in C#
    When you sort DataGridView in C#, you may face some troubles. The article tells you how to implement typical sorting tasks in DataGridView and draws your attention to related subtleties and nuances.
  • Excel VBA ListView Control Examples
    We analyze typical examples of using the ListView control in Excel VBA (adding ListView in VBA, editing subitems, checkboxes in subitems) and the problems related to them.
  • Unbound DataGridView: Typical Problems
    In this article we consider typical coding tasks and related problems of the DataGridView control in unbound mode (populating unbound DataGridView, sorting and filtering it by multiple columns, adding an unbound image column).
  • Why is DataGridView Slow at Scrolling, Rendering, Filtering and Populating?
    The stock DataGridView control can be too slow in rendering, scrolling, filtering or when you populate it with data. This article gives you some ideas how you can improve the DataGridView performance in typical usage scenarios.
  • TreeGridView for C#/VB.NET
    This article is an overview of TreeGridView controls for C#/VB.NET. 10Tec iGrid.NET can be also considered as an excellent TreeGridView for WinForms developments.
  • DataGridView Filter in C#
    You will find an overview of main approaches to implementing DataGridView filter in C# here. We also briefly describe advantages of our alternative DataGridView filter solution based on the AutoFilterManager add-on for iGrid.NET.
  • C# TreeListView Control
    A TreeListView control is a ListView in report mode that displays a hierarchical view of information. If you are searching for a powerful VB.NET/C# TreeListView control, read this article.
  • PropertyGrid for C# and VB.NET
    The stock .NET PropertyGrid control is good for programmers but not for end users. Read what benefits give you 10Tec iGrid.NET used as a WinForms PropertyGrid control in C#/VB.NET solutions.
  • 64-bit OCX Grid
    Searching for a good OCX grid for usage in the 64-bit versions of Windows? This article will tell you whether 10Tec iGrid is suitable for that.
  • Excel VBA Grid Control
    iGrid ActiveX can be used as a powerful Microsoft Word/Excel VBA grid control. Read an overview of iGrid in the VBA environment in this article.
  • DataGridView Grouping in C#/VB.NET: Two Recipes
    In this article we take a look at two C#/VB.NET approaches to the WinForms DataGridView grouping and compare them with the grouping in our DataGridView-like control iGrid.NET.
  • TreeView in DataGridView - The Way of 10Tec iGrid
    10Tec iGrid.NET provides you with an effective way of implementing a grid that works like TreeView inside DataGridView.
  • Problems of MSFlexGrid in VB.NET/C# and Its Equivalent
    This article describes problems of the Microsoft FlexGrid control in VB.NET/C# and recommends an equivalent of MSFlexGrid OCX for the .NET Framework - 10Tec iGrid.NET.
  • MS Access Grid Control
    Microsoft Access is supplied without an intrinsic grid control, and developers use third-party grids on MS Access forms because of that. Our iGrid ActiveX can be used as a versatile tool when you use it as an MS Access grid control.
  • Advanced DataGridView Alternative - iGrid.NET
    10Tec WinForms grid is an excellent alternative for .NET DataGridView control. It works in unbound mode, is much faster if you work with big amounts of data and allows your users to sort/group data using the built-in visual features with no coding. You can even insert a tree in one of its columns!
  • Editable ListView for C#/VB.NET
    Our iGrid looks like the Microsoft ListView control in report mode and can be used as a powerful editable ListView replacement in C#/VB.NET. iGrid is free from many ListView problems, such as ListView flickering.
  • VB6 DataGrid Control Alternative
    The VB6 DataGrid control supplied with Visual Basic (MSDATGRD.OCX) is good to display and edit ADO recordsets, but it lacks many features modern real-world applications require. Moreover, it is no longer supported by Microsoft. Our iGrid ActiveX grid can be a powerful replacement for the standard VB6 DataGrid - especially if you need an unbound DataGrid. It also provides users with extended functionality like built-in sorting and grouping.
  • iGrid - Editable VB6 MSFlexGrid Replacement
    iGrid ActiveX can be used as an editable replacement for Microsoft FlexGrid. If you replace MSFlexGrid with 10Tec grid, you get the modern OS look and many functional enhancements like built-in cell editing, grouping and sorting.