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Main grid control products

WinForms Grid Control - iGrid.NET

10Tec WinForms grid control

iGrid.NET is a versatile WinForms grid control for the Microsoft .NET Framework. Software developers use iGrid.NET to build highly adjustable tabular interfaces. It is fast, super-small and extensible. The auto filter and print/print-preview add-ons can be used to add required functionality. This grid is one of the most powerful unbound grids for WinForms .NET on the market.

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ActiveX Grid Control - iGrid

10Tec ActiveX grid control

iGrid is a feature-rich ActiveX grid control. The main idea behind iGrid is to provide the developers with a lightweight and easy-to-use ActiveX grid, which is super-fast, highly-adjustable and ideal for creating unbound grids in VB/VBA applications. A good editable ListView or MS FlexGrid replacement.

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ActiveX components for VB6 and VBA

ActiveX Tooltip Component - hTooltip

10Tec native Windows tooltip ActiveX component

The main goal of this ActiveX component is to give you a handy tool you can use to create native Windows tooltips with different options and features in your applications.
hTooltip allows you to use most of the modern features of Windows tooltips: the rectangular and balloon tooltip styles, tooltips can have a title and one of the predefined system icons, tooltips can be displayed on demand at the specified point on the screen, the ability to adjust the color and time parameters of the tooltip window.

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VBA Dir Function Alternative - xDir

10Tec ActiveX library to enumerate files/folders

This ActiveX library provides developers with an easy way to enumerate files and folders in a specified folder and all of its subfolders, filter folder and file list using different criteria, implement context search in file contents using the ASCII and/or Unicode character-encoding scheme and create folder and file tree. xDir provides high performance and can enumerate nested folders in contrast to the VBA Dir function. The professional edition of the component allows you to enumerate files and folders in a background process using asynchronous mode.

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10Tec/vbAccelerator ImageList OCX

10Tec version of vbAccelerator ImageList OCX

vbAccelerator ImageList OCX, developed by Steve McMahon, is an advanced ImageList component that can be used instead of the standard MS Common Controls ImageList control supplied with Visual Basic 5/6. It supports more file formats, image transparency, 24- and 32-bit images and provides useful methods not available in the standard ImageList control.
The author stopped the development of the component, but gave us a permission to continue this work.

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Tools for software developers

10Tec Help Viewer for MSHC files

10Tec Help Viewer for MSHC files

10Tec Help Viewer is a lightweight portable tool to view MSHC help files without Microsoft Help Viewer and Visual Studio. It can be also used to display context-sensitive help and provides many customization options.
The tool is free for personal use.

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.NET Documentation Tool - DocMounter

10Tec .NET documentation tool

DocMounter is a .NET documentation tool allowing you to easily build MSHelp3 (MSHC) help files and XML documentation files for .NET assemblies. The produced MSHC help files can contain conceptual and member topics. A generation of a manual as a separate HTML document is also possible.

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VB6 Project References Update Tool - OCX Updater

10Tec VB6 project references update tool

OCX Updater is a free open-source utility for the classic Visual Basic (VB6) that automates the process of VB6 project references update. It is a very handy tool to replace one ActiveX control with another in your VB6 project files (vbp).
The utility is written in Visual Basic 6 and demonstrates the usage of the TypeLib Information DLL (tlbinf32.dll) to programmatically extract information from COM type libraries.

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