iGrid ActiveX Grid and WinForms Grid Control, DataGridView Alternative, Editable ListView and FlexGrid Replacement for VB6, VBA, VB.NET & C#

10Tec Company develops unique high-quality software components and tools for Windows desktop software development. iGrid is our flagship ActiveX grid and WinForms grid control. 10Tec's product line also includes free controls and tools for VB6, VBA, VB.NET and C# development platforms.

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Product Highlight: iGrid ActiveX/.NET DataGrid Control

iGrid is a grid control for the ActiveX and .NET Framework WinForms platforms:

iGrid: ActiveX grid and WinForms grid control, excellent replacement for DataGrid & DataGridView.
  • Powerful and super-fast replacement for the ActiveX/.NET DataGrid and DataGridView grid controls shipped with the classic Visual Basic (VB6) and Windows Forms .NET.
  • Editable replacement for ListView and VB6 MSFlexGrid, with better functionality and optimized flicker-free drawing.
  • iGrid ActiveX works perfectly in Microsoft Word and Excel as a VBA grid control on UserForms. It is also a versatile Microsoft Access grid control.
  • iGrid.NET is an advanced DataGridView alternative for VB.NET/C#.
  • The object model is very simple so you can start to use it in minutes.
  • This component is the ideal choice if you need an unbound grid control for ActiveX/.NET development.

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Latest News

iGrid ActiveX v7.0.17 (Service Pack 2) out
The second service pack for iGrid OCX 7.0 fixes two problems found in the last six months since the previous update. One of the problems is related to working with combo cells in the user interface, the other problem is related to row removal from code. Read the What's New file for more info.
New and updated extra samples for iGrid.NET
Recently we have implemented new samples and enhanced existing samples in the online library of extra samples for iGrid.NET. One of the new samples is Explorer-Like Column Chooser. It demonstrates how to implement the column chooser functionality similar to what we can find in the Windows Explorer. The column chooser for our WinForms grid has some benefits, such as the ability to filter the column list by a substring:
Explorer-like column chooser in WinForms grid
Another new sample is Export to Excel, Late Binding. It is a revamped version of the previous Export to Excel sample, which is now based on late binding to Microsoft Excel automation objects. The new approach is free from all problems related to using of the Microsoft Office interop assemblies in real life.
The old Smart Tree Creation sample was replaced with the new iGrid Tree Helper Methods sample. The new approach provides tools to simplify work with tree grids in the form of extension methods.
The Multi-Column Drop-Down List and Subtotal Manager samples were enhanced based on the requests of our customers.
iGrid ActiveX portable demo
To demonstrate how the Windows Side-by-Side Assemblies technology (also known as SxS) can be used to create portable versions of executable applications using our ActiveX grid control, we implemented a new portable demo of iGrid ActiveX. The importance of this approach is that neither administrator rights nor any access to the Windows registry are required to launch apps with iGrid ActiveX.
You will find the new portable demo on our Download page.
iGrid ActiveX v7.0.15 (Service Pack 1) available
An update for our ActiveX grid control is available. It fixes all bugs revealed after publishing the new major release and brings some enhancements related to selection of cells and rows. The accompanying help file in the CHM format was also updated to reflect all changes in the latest build.
iGrid.NET 6.0.25 (SP3) with enhancements out
The latest build of our WinForms grid control fixes all bugs revealed by our customers since the last update. Some of the fixed problems were related to printing. The new version also brings several enhancements, and one of them is the revamped algorithm that calculates totals in footer cells faster.
The product manual in the PDF format and its counterpart in the electronic help system in the MSHelp 3 format were also improved.
As always, all changes are described in detail in the supplied What's New document:
iGrid ActiveX v7.0 released
Great news for all developers using our ActiveX grid - a new major update of iGrid ActiveX was released today! The new version of iGrid brings new features and significant performance improvements. In some scenarios, iGrid 7.0 may work up to 200 times faster compared to its previous versions. Traditional interactive operations like grouping were also optimized and show various performance gain depending on data.
The electronic help system for iGrid was improved as well. The revised iGrid CHM help file contains a description of all new features implemented in the v7.0, more detailed help topics for existing members and the reorganized Programmer's Guide section that helps to find required information faster.
iGrid.NET 6.0.18 (Service Pack 2) available
This update for iGrid.NET mainly fixes several bugs revealed since the previous update in May. One of them is the problem of a double shadow for forms created after an iGrid drop-down list was displayed. The bug fix for this problem also brings a new implementation of the shadow effect for drop-down controls in our WinForms grid. The new build uses the corresponding feature from the modern Aero theme from the OS and provides a consistent look and feel that works best in Windows 10:
Aero theme shadow for drop-down lists in 10Tec WinForms grid
For more details, read the comprehensive What's New document for the product:

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Customer Reviews

iGrid is fantastic! It is incredibly feature rich, which to me is the most important factor when purchasing a development tool. Not only that, but it is very easy to implement in projects, and the pricetag is very reasonable, especially when compared to similar tools competitors offer. Add to this the responsiveness of the support team and you have a winner!

I originally found you from your google ads when searching on Google for something like "c# .net datagrid". There were several things I liked about your product, but I'll name the main selling points. First of all, I couldn't find any way to accidentally throw unhandled exceptions in design mode without even touching the code in the code editor (which I can't say of all such products). Second, the syntax for doing most tasks was straightforward and easy to learn. Last, your product had very excellent sample code.

We examined many .NET grid controls but didn't like the way most of them required Datasets, were memory inefficient and none of them were an easy replacement. After finding 10Tec's iGrid.NET control our decision was very easy. It is extremely easy to use, very well thought out and documented and the conversion went without a single problem. More time was spent removing the previous control than implementing this one!

We started with iGrid in 2002 after getting no response from SGrid's developer about lacking features. 10Tec implemented suggested features from several users, including ourselves, and grew iGrid into a very worthwhile ListView/Datagrid replacement. It's been improved constantly since it branched off from SGrid and we look forward to many great future enhancements. iGrid is also well-supported and is at the core of all our products. Our software wouldn't be possible without iGrid.

The more I learn about iGrid, the more I love it! Thank you!!!

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Average rating: 5 of 5 stars.

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