10Tec Company specializes in software component development for Microsoft Windows. We provide paid components and free tools for C#, VB.NET, VB6 and VBA.

The company offers custom feature implementation and bespoke software development based on its components. You can also request a free customized component demo.

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Product Highlight: iGrid ActiveX/.NET DataGrid Control

iGrid is our flagship grid control for the ActiveX and .NET WinForms platforms:

iGrid: ActiveX grid and WinForms grid control, excellent replacement for DataGrid and DataGridView
  • Powerful and super-fast replacement for the ActiveX/.NET DataGrid and DataGridView grid controls shipped with the classic Visual Basic (VB6) and Windows Forms .NET.
  • Editable replacement for ListView and VB6 MSFlexGrid, with better functionality and optimized flicker-free drawing.
  • iGrid ActiveX works perfectly in Microsoft Word and Excel as a VBA grid control on UserForms. It is also a versatile Microsoft Access grid control.
  • iGrid.NET is an advanced DataGridView alternative for VB.NET/C#.
  • The object model is very simple so you can start to use it in minutes.
  • This component is the ideal choice if you need an unbound grid control for ActiveX/.NET development.

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Latest Product News

iGrid ActiveX 7.5.25: stability improvement update
This update of iGrid brings some stability improvements. They eliminate crashes in situations when a collision while processing selected cells from two places happens. One of the cases when this happened earlier was changing of the current cell in an event handler of the AfterCommitEdit event raised when the DELETE key was pressed. More info is in the updated What's New:
DocMounter 3.0 + Help Viewer 2.1: excellent tandem
Today we are proud to present two new releases of our tools related to help systems.
DocMounter, our tool to build documentation for .NET assemblies, was updated to the version 3.0. This major version update brings new features and great enhancements. The most notable of them is the ability to generate help files directly in the MSHC format. Among other enhancements are support for high-resolution screens and ability to create help files without .NET assemblies.
Updated 10Tec Help Viewer also brings several important improvements. First, it provides the ability to use any folder on the hard drive as the help library folder. Second, it remembers the last viewed topic in every help file and restores it automatically when you open a help file again. Third, it was supplemented with new heuristics allowing you to browse help files built with Sandcastle.
The updated Help Viewer perfectly complements the new major version of DocMounter and is used as the viewer of MSHC help files built with our .NET documentation tool.
iGrid.NET 10.1 Update 2 with revamped AutoFilterManager UI out
We have published a big servicing update for the latest iGrid.NET and AutoFilterManager today. This update with the full version number 10.1.22 brings great improvements in the AutoFilterManager UI. Among them - support for high-resolution screens, refreshed icons in UI elements, and overall cleaner look that fits better with modern flat interfaces and Windows 10/11. Below is a screenshot from a 4K display with the pixel density of 192ppi:
10Tec WinForms grid and autofilter with high DPI support
As always, all bugs revealed by the moment of update have been fixed in the new build. Some of them are related to the infrastructure of drop-down elements AutoFilterManager and the built-in drop-down lists of iGrid are based on. To find out more about them and all enhancements in this release, read the updated What's New document:
iGrid ActiveX 7.5.21 with one critical bug fix out
This update of iGrid ActiveX fixes one serious problem with entering specific characters from non-English keyboard layouts if the RIGHT ALT key in combination with the C, V, X keys is used to generate these characters. The problem occurred for many European keyboard layouts. For example, it was impossible to enter Ć and Ź by pressing RIGHT ALT + C and RIGHT ALT + X when the Polish keyboard layout was activated. Read the What's New document for more details.
10Tec Help Viewer 2.0 officially released
Meet the new major version of our help viewer tool. 10Tec Help Viewer was originally created to display solely MSHC help files for iGrid.NET, but it has been greatly improved in the v2.0 to view any MSHC files. Now you can also use this tool in your apps to provide help system in the modern elegant interface of this utility:
10Tec Help Viewer for MSHC files
The improvements in this release allow you to display the content of existing CHM files after their conversion to the MSHC format using automated migration tools like the mshcMigrate utility developed by the Helpware Group.
10Tec Help Viewer 2.0 is available in two editions. These are the free version with minor limitations for personal use and paid version for use in commercial apps.
Read the product manual and product section on our website to find out more about the new version.

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