10Tec Company specializes in software component development for Microsoft Windows. We provide paid components and free tools for C#, VB.NET, VB6 and VBA.

The company offers custom feature implementation and bespoke software development based on its components. You can also request a free customized component demo.

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Product Highlight: iGrid ActiveX/.NET DataGrid Control

iGrid is our flagship grid control for the ActiveX and .NET WinForms platforms:

iGrid: ActiveX grid and WinForms grid control, excellent replacement for DataGrid and DataGridView
  • Powerful and super-fast replacement for the ActiveX/.NET DataGrid and DataGridView grid controls shipped with the classic Visual Basic (VB6) and Windows Forms .NET.
  • Editable replacement for ListView and VB6 MSFlexGrid, with better functionality and optimized flicker-free drawing.
  • iGrid ActiveX works perfectly in Microsoft Word and Excel as a VBA grid control on UserForms. It is also a versatile Microsoft Access grid control.
  • iGrid.NET is an advanced DataGridView alternative for VB.NET/C#.
  • The object model is very simple so you can start to use it in minutes.
  • This component is the ideal choice if you need an unbound grid control for ActiveX/.NET development.

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Latest Product News

iGrid.NET Demo now supports VS 2022
Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2 is out, and we also modified the demo installer of our WinForms grid to support this new 64-bit development environment. Now iGrid.NET can be used at design time in VS 2022. 10Tec HelpViewer with the full electronic help system for iGrid.NET can be integrated into the latest Visual Studio to be used as the F1 context help as well.
10Tec iGrid.NET 10.0.30 released
A new build of our WinForms grid control was published. The search-as-type window was enhanced in this build to better correspond to the modern visual style of iGrid.NET X and to support high-resolution screens:
Updated search window in 10Tec WinForms grid (high dpi support)
The latest build contains fixes for 3 revealed bugs in the core grid control and printing functionality. To find out more, read the updated What's New file:
10Tec HelpViewer for iGrid.NET help packages
Today we are proud to present our new tool to work with the iGrid.NET electronic documentation. This utility called 10Tec HelpViewer is a tool to browse iGrid.NET mshc help files in the modern Microsoft Help Viewer format (MSHelp3):
10Tec help viewer utility for mshc (MSHelp3) help files
The main benefit provided by this tool is the ability to work with the iGrid.NET help files without installing the Microsoft Help Viewer app supplied with Visual Studio. Moreover, 10Tec HelpViewer can be used even if you do not have Visual Studio installed on your pc.
The tool is deployed by the updated demo installer for iGrid.NET X. You can optionally assign it as the F1 key handler in Visual Studio code editor to display context-sensitive help for iGrid members.
10Tec HelpViewer is a lightweight portable app. It is also included into all zip packages with mshc help files for iGrid.NET 3.0 – X you can find on this website. Now you can start using the full iGrid.NET help files immediately after downloading or copy them to any pc. No installation procedure is required!
Help packages for iGrid.NET X and iGrid.NET 6 updated
With the release of 10Tec HelpViewer we also amended the full electronic documentation for the latest iGrid.NET and its previous major version. The updated help packages contain fixes for all revealed problems, including missing hyperlinks to the external Microsoft documentation. You can download these mshc help packages to update them in Microsoft Help Viewer or browse them with the new 10Tec HelpViewer app included into the zip archives.
iGrid.NET Demo: new design and compatibility with .NET 5
Today we release a significant update of our iGrid.NET demo. The first important point in this update is full compatibility with .NET 5 and the binaries of iGrid.NET DLLs included into the setup package. The second significant change is a redesigned layout of all sample forms with a new common toolbar at the top of every form:
Updated WinForms grid sample forms in .NET 5
You can discover other numerous changes in the samples when you launch the new demo (portable versions for .NET Framework and .NET 5 are available as well). Read the What's New document for the demo and visit the Download page to download the updated iGrid.NET demo.
iGrid ActiveX 7.5 SP1 (build 0004) available
The first service pack for iGrid ActiveX 7.5 fixes 3 bugs revealed since the release. One of the serious issues addressed in this build is disappearing of iGrid rows from the viewport after grouping. Another critical bug fixed in this update is iGrid crash while the user is doing drag select. We strongly recommend that you update iGrid ActiveX to this latest version to avoid any problems in your apps.
iGrid ActiveX 7.5 released
Despite the fact that the ActiveX platform is losing its popularity among developers nowadays, we are continuing to support and enhance our ActiveX grid based on requests of our customers. Today's release of iGrid adds a bunch of new features. One of the most significant of them is the ability to resize rows and columns by dragging grid lines. Notice the special H-Split cursor in the center of iGrid indicating that row resizing is possible:
ActiveX grid with row resize ability by grid line dragging
Among other new features are a PopupMenu method allowing you to display iGrid's built-in context menus at any position on the screen, tools to change the mouse pointer (including the ability to use true standard OS cursors like the Hand cursor), and several properties for fine tuning of internal parameters.
The revamped focus rectangle drawing provides you with the ability to change the focus rectangle thickness and display it while editing. One serious problem related to incorrect drawing of the focus rectangle in all previous releases of iGrid was fixed in this release.
The help file for iGrid was also enhanced. It contains the help topics for all new members introduced in iGrid v7.5 and extended information about members implemented in the previous releases.
To find out more about the improvements in the latest release, read the comprehensive What's New document.

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