ActiveX Tooltip Component - hTooltip

hTooltip is an ActiveX DLL that provides you with the objects you can use to create native Windows tooltips in your applications.

The name hTooltip itself means "handy tooltip", and the main goal of this component is to give you a handy tool you can use to create system-like tooltips with different options and features in your apps:

Windows native tooltip ActiveX component

hTooltip allows you to use most of the modern features of Windows tooltips:

  • the standard rectangular and new balloon styles;
  • tooltips can have a title and one of the predefined system icons;
  • displaying tooltips on demand at the specified point on the screen;
  • the ability to adjust the colors of the tooltip window and its text;
  • you can set the time parameters of your tooltips.

But in addition to those standard system features, hTooltip implements the following features which lighten your work:

  • the hTooltip tooltip object raises the MouseEnter and MouseLeave events for the area it is attached to;
  • hTooltip can be used to create tooltips for controls which do not have its own window handle (also known as 'windowless controls') - in Visual Basic 6 these are the Label, Shape and Image controls;
  • you can also specify a rectangular area inside a control for which the tooltip should be displayed;
  • hTooltip implements the CreateForVBCtrl method you can use to attach a tooltip to any VB5,6 intrinsic control with one statement.

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