What's New in hTooltip

v1.10, build 0083
  1. [Fixed] If your app uses visual styles and you clicked a control with an attached tooltip, the tooltip might be no longer displayed.

  2. [Fixed] If you created a tooltip for a control which has a window handle using the CreateForHwnd or CreateForVBCtrl method and changed the size and/or position of the control later, the tooltip might be no longer displayed.

  3. [Fixed] An on-demand tooltip might remain visible even after you closed the window which had the control the tooltip was attached to.

  4. [Optimization] Internal optimization was done so the component uses fewer system resources now.

v1.10, build 0080
  1. [New] Now hTooltip supports Unicode in the tooltip texts on all Windows NT systems.

  2. [New] You can change the font of the tooltip text with a new Font property. Setting this property to Nothing (the default value) causes the tooltip to use the default system font.

v1.00, build 0075
  1. [Fixed] The previous builds of the hTooltip ActiveX DLL may cause some problems with launching your apps if the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) technology is turned on; especially this is true after you install some latest service packs for Windows 2003 which turn DEP on automatically. This build of hTooltip fixes this problem.

v1.00, build 0072
hTooltip ActiveX DLL 1.0 released.