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Intro to 10Tec grid for WinForms

iGrid.NET is a versatile WinForms grid control for the Windows Forms platform, which is a part of Microsoft .NET Framework and .NET Core. Software developers use iGrid for WinForms to build highly adjustable tabular interfaces. It is fast, feature-rich and the ideal unbound grid component for WinForms .NET:

Demo of iGrid.NET, a WinForms grid control

iGrid.NET is a WinForms software component based on the successful ideology of iGrid ActiveX grid control. 10Tec WinForms grid was rewritten from scratch to use the capabilities of the .NET platform and adds the following features to its ActiveX predecessor:

  • the print/print-preview and autofilter functionality;
  • the group box above the column headers area;
  • header with several rows that allows you to merge column headers vertically and/or horizontally;
  • frozen, or non-scrollable rows and columns with customizable edges;
  • new formatting options for cells - vertical text direction, different text trimming options and so on;
  • full support for right-to-left mode with one RightToLeft property;
  • highly adjustable scroll bars - you can make them always visible or hidden, they can be semi-transparent or even have additional custom buttons!

Applications with 10Tec WinForms grid component are developed mainly in Microsoft Visual Studio, but the grid can be used in other development environments allowing you to create applications for the .NET Windows Forms package. iGrid.NET works well in all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. All client and server editions (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11; Windows Server 2003-2022) are supported.

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Customer Reviews of iGrid.NET

Many customers of 10Tec Windows Forms grid control appreciate it, and some of them grant permission to publish their reviews on this website. All these 22 developers rated iGrid 5 of 5 stars, and one of these reviews is the following: is excellent, fully customizable right down to the bone. It's incredibly fast when filling with data whether it be from a dataset or manually filled source.
Not many grids have the capability that iGrid offers!
Top class component, I would recommend to anyone looking for a customizable grid to look at iGrid.

Gary Noble,
Telecom Direct

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More distinctive features of iGrid WinForms grid control

It is simple to use iGrid ActiveX as it allows you to format each cell individually through the set of Cell* properties. iGrid.NET still supports this feature, but introduces cell style objects you can use to format cells as well. The iGrid cell style object is an object that stores all parameters of cell formatting. You can apply this object to independent cells, or format the entire column with one style object. In this case you get the ability to minimize and simplify your code and support efforts in the future. Moreover, if you use a cell style object, you can reformat all the cells which have this style simply by changing the properties of the style object!

The vast majority of iGrid's settings can be done at design-time - you can populate and format the entire grid practically the way you need in Visual Studio IDE before you compile and launch your project. Cell styles can be used at design-time as well, and they allow you to significantly simplify adjustment efforts as you can apply desired cell styles to required cells, change the properties of these cell styles in the Property Editor and see the effect immediately.

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ListView/DataGridView replacement and MS FlexGrid .NET equivalent

Many developers use the standard WinForms ListView control in report mode as a read-only grid in their applications. Our WinForms grid can be used as a powerful editable replacement for ListView. If you go this way, you will also get enhanced cell formatting options and other features you never find in the standard ListView.

If you use the .NET DataGrid/DataGridView control to display tabular data, especially in unbound mode, you can also consider 10Tec WinForms grid as an advanced alternative to DataGrid or DataGridView. These controls have some performance and drawing problems, and they lack for many important features like built-in multi-column sorting and grouping. iGrid.NET looks and works similar to those controls, but it will provide your users with enhanced functionality.

If you are upgrading your code from the classic Visual Basic to VB.NET or C#, and you need a .NET control similar to Microsoft FlexGrid (MSFlexGrid or MSHFlexGrid) that comes with VB, 10Tec grid for WinForms is at your disposal. There are some serious issues with using MSFlexGrid OCX in Windows Forms (it is an old ActiveX/COM technology, FlexGrid does not work in native 64-bit applications, etc). iGrid.NET is a native grid control written specially for .NET, and it can be used as a .NET equivalent for FlexGrid as many coding techniques you can use in MSFlexGrid can be coded using the iGrid.NET members.

Extra samples and constant support

You can download the demo of the grid control that includes many samples with full source code available both in C# and VB.NET, but you can also get other additional samples online from the Extra Sample Library.

We are constantly adding new samples to this page as our customers request typical functionality they can implement in our grid. As a rule, those samples are published in the form of ready-to-use classes you can easily add to your real-world projects. We recommend that you check this page from time to time to get new excellent solutions based on 10Tec grid for WinForms.

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