iGrid.NET Documentation

Full electronic documentation

Every version of iGrid.NET is provided with the full electronic documentation describing the main product concepts and its members. These help files can be used from Microsoft Visual Studio or as standalone information sources.

The help files for iGrid.NET 3.0 and later versions are distributed in the modern Microsoft Help Viewer format, also known as MSHelp3. You can integrate these mshc packages into the Microsoft Help Viewer app that comes with Visual Studio since 2010.

An alternative way to browse mshc files is the 10Tec HelpViewer app. This app is included into every archive with the mshc file. It is a portable app you can launch without installation to browse the mshc files in the app folder.

Item Size Published
iGrid.NET 10.1 Help
11.88Mb 2022-May-06
iGrid.NET X Help
11.86Mb 2021-Jun-16
iGrid.NET 6.0 Help
11.69Mb 2021-Jun-16
iGrid.NET 5.0 Help
11.66Mb 2015-May-15
iGrid.NET 4.6 Help
10.67Mb 2014-Dec-24
iGrid.NET 4.5 Help
10.37Mb 2013-Mar-11
iGrid.NET 4.0 Help
9.59Mb 2012-Dec-12
iGrid.NET 3.0 Help
9.56Mb 2012-Jan-25

The help files for the older versions of iGrid.NET (1.x - 2.x) were distributed in the MSHelp2 format compatible with Visual Studio 2003-2008. These HxS files can be integrated into the Visual Studio help collection only during the demo installation process. As such, they are not available as standalone downloads.

Manuals in DPF format

The main product concepts described in the help files are also available as PDF documents for online reading and printing. You can find these documents for the latest versions of iGrid.NET in the table below:

Item Size Published
iGrid.NET 10.1 Manual
1.45Mb 2022-May-06
iGrid.NET X Manual
1.37Mb 2020-Nov-27
iGrid.NET 6.0 Manual
1.38Mb 2019-Nov-22