Printing iGrid.NET with PrintManager Add-on

iGrid.NET PrintManager is a component that allows you to print and print-preview the iGrid.NET control. This component is available for an extra fee for the users of our WinForms grid.

PrintManager - print and print-preview component for a WinForms grid iGrid.NET

Using PrintManager, you can:

  1. Print 10Tec WinForms grid control (you can specify a range of pages to be printed).

  2. Show a print preview dialog for iGrid.NET. From this dialog you can specify the pages to be printed, paper size and margins, printer etc.

  3. Specify the page header and footer. The page header and footer are printed at the top and bottom of every page respectively.

  4. Specify the document header and footer. The document header is printed at the top of the first page; the document footer is printed under the last row of iGrid.NET on the last page.

  5. Specify the text (including its font) which is aligned to the left, center, and right of the header or footer.

  6. Specify calculated fields in the header or footer (the current page, the page count).

  7. Specify printing style:

    • specify whether to print separate in-cell controls (combo, ellipsis, and tree buttons);
    • separately specify whether to fill up the header, cell, and group row background;
    • specify whether to use the system styles (Flat, 3D) when printing or use a plain scheme;
  8. Print the group box (either on each page or only on the first one).

  9. Specify the color of the grid lines on the paper.

  10. Print all the groups expanded regardless of their real state.

  11. Specify the order the pages are printed in. It is useful when the page width cannot hold all the columns, and the last columns are printed on another page.

  12. Filter rows to be printed.

  13. Calculate the count of pages needed to print a grid (even before real printing).

  14. Show a page setup dialog which correctly works with metric units (in contrast to native .NET page setup dialog).

  15. Check whether the page margins are within the printable area of a printer.

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