Printing iGrid.NET with PrintManager Add-on

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PrintManager is an add-on component allowing you to print and print-preview 10Tec WinForms grid control:

PrintManager - print and print-preview component for a WinForms grid iGrid.NET

Using PrintManager, you can:

  1. Specify a range of pages to be printed, the paper orientation, non-printable margins, and other printing parameters from code. The print-preview dialog allows you to specify the same parameters interactively before printing.

  2. Specify the header and footer for the whole document and every page. The document header is printed at the top of the first page; the document footer is printed under the last row of iGrid.NET on the last page. The page header and footer are printed at the top and bottom of every page respectively.

    WinForms grid print preview: page and document headers

    Every header and footer can contain 3 sections of text aligned to the left, center, and right. You can use calculated fields like current page number or total page count in headers and footers:<

    WinForms grid print preview: page and document footers
  3. Choose one of the printing styles:

    • Screen View. iGrid.NET is drawn on paper as it looks on the display.

    • Plain View. iGrid.NET is printed as plain as possible (without tree, combo, and ellipsis buttons; without cell and column header backgrounds).

    You can also create a custom mix of available printing options from these two basic styles.

  4. Set special printing options, such as:

    • how to print the group box - on each page or only on the first one;
    • the color of the grid lines and tree lines on the paper;
    • whether to print group rows expanded regardless of their state.
  5. Exclude grid rows from printing on-the-fly.

  6. Calculate the count of pages needed to print a grid without real printing.

  7. Check whether the page margins are within the printable area of a printer.

  8. Specify how PrintManager shrinks the grid control on paper so that it becomes one page wide. This can be done by shrinking every column or by scaling down the whole grid printout on paper to fit the page width.

  9. Change the zoom level of the document and view several pages simultaneously in the print-preview window:

    WinForms grid print preview dialog: zoom document
  10. Add custom content like company logo to printed pages.

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