iGrid.NET Control Tour - Introduction

iGrid.NET is a WinForms grid control for the Microsoft .NET Framework platform. The main goal of iGrid is to give you a handy tool to implement tabular interfaces with the ability to highly adjust them. 10Tec grid works in unbound mode, though you can implement data-bound interfaces exactly with the functionality you need using its rich object and event model. A lot of grids on the market allow you to bind a two-dimensional array directly to a grid, but it is the native mode for iGrid.NET. Its cells are an array by themselves, and iGrid provides you with a convenient way to use this array.

Internally iGrid.NET manages this array by itself and does it very effectively due to page organization. Such tasks as adding/inserting many rows into the grid, especially when the number of rows to add is not known beforehand, are performed very quickly. Your work is to place data into iGrid.NET's cells and format them; iGrid.NET does the rest by itself!

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