Autofilter Add-on - AutoFilterManager

AutoFilterManager is an add-on component the developers can use to add autofilter functionality to the 10Tec WinForms grid control, iGrid.NET. This add-on component is available for an extra fee for the iGrid.NET users.

AutoFilterManager was designed to provide your users with a very handy built-in tool to create custom filters with minimal effort. Every aspect of the autofilter was designed to be simple and easy to use. For instance, the whole filter dialog box can be resized or easily moved to any location on the screen making it easy to see all the grid data while filter options are selected. It has a well thought-out keyboard interface that can be used to do all of the grid filtering operations from the keyboard, or the mouse can be used to quickly select the filter options. The custom filter system is simple and intuitive, but its versatile nature allows the user to apply any custom condition to any type of data, supporting the creation of elaborate filter condition lists.

AutoFilter add-on to autofilter 10Tec WinForms grid control

When developing the autofilter functionality for our .NET DataGrid, we modeled the design after the familiar autofilter dialog that is used in various Microsoft Office applications such as Excel and Access, providing your users with a familiar interface. However, our autofilter does not have some of the disappointing restrictions that are part of the MS autofilter functionality. For example, we’ve added an Apply button in iGrid.NET's AutoFilterManager dialog and provided the ability to define an unlimited number of custom filter rules. In addition, it allows the users to save and restore grid filter presets in either memory or to file for later use, allowing them to work with different sets of filtered data in the current work session.

One more key point of 10Tec AutoFilterManager is that it was optimized for real-world grids. It has excellent performance even on huge grids with 100,000+ rows and many columns.

AutoFilterManager's programming model is very simple. To add the autofilter functionality to a grid, you just drop the AutoFilterManager component onto the form and link it to the target grid through the Grid property at design-time. That's all - when you launch the application, your grid already contains the filter button in its column headers, allowing the user to open the autofilter dialog and begin building filters. No coding required

The object design of our .NET DataGrid autofilter provides you with all of the objects that you need to customize the autofilter for your particular application. First, all the colors and gradients of all constituent parts can be adjusted to suit the color scheme of your application, such as the filter box with its controls and menus, filter buttons in the target grid, etc. Second, all the interface text that you see in AutoFilterManager can also be changed or localized using the standard Windows Forms localization technique.

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