10Tec DataGrid Column Header Features:
Merging, Vertical Text, Multi-Column Sort

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iGrid.NET is an excellent replacement for the .NET DataGrid and DataGridView controls in many typical tasks. It even outperforms these standard controls in the realm of header functionality. One of the features iGrid provides is the ability to merge column headers. iGrid's header can contain multiple rows, and you can merge column headers in this DataGrid/DataGridView alternative:

Merged column headers in 10Tec DataGrid (DataGridView)

The column headers can be merged vertically and horizontally. They also support practically all the formatting options available for normal cells, including vertical column header text, custom fonts, colors and images in column headers, etc:

Custom DataGrid (DataGridView) header in iGrid.NET

The first row on the picture above is the header row, and it demonstrates that different cell formatting options can be applied to the header cells.

10Tec DataGrid supports multi-column sort, i.e. it can be sorted by several columns simultaneously:

10Tec DataGrid multi-column sort

You can sort every column using various sorting criteria - by cell values, cell texts disregarding character case, cell icons, selection, cell foreground and background colors, cell fonts, etc, or you can even use your own sort criterion.

Notice how iGrid.NET marks the sorted columns with numerated sort icons in column headers when you sort the grid by several columns.

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