10Tec WinForms Grid Control Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of 10Tec iGrid.NET, a WinForms grid control for Microsoft Windows.

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iGrid is more powerful than MSFlexGrid. Now I’m very satisfied, because I can realize all of my ideas, perhaps much more, when getting the full feeling of iGrid (implement graphical items in the cells, sorting, movements).
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I was looking for a data grid that had treeview capabilities when I 'discovered' iGrid. I was pleasantly surprised about all of the other features it offered in addition to my original need. I was thrilled by how easy it was to learn, as I was on a tight time deadline. Within a few hours I could load and manipulate data and had begun exploring polishing it up. More importantly, when I got stuck or was unsure, I got quick and accurate responses from the tech support. We also discussed ideas for some new functionality, of which I have no doubt I will see in near-future versions. 10Tec is a great company to work with and make a solid product!
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I just did a release of our software using IGRID in one of the more important grid areas.
The speed is at least 5x faster compared to the MS DataGridView without taking advantage of any new feature.
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Everything is running and I just wanted to let you know that I think I have already achieved a 100% return on my purchase investment just from the grouping and auto-filtering features.
I am most anxious to dive into your product and start learning how to use many of the other functions. The two mentioned are awesome and I have no clue how long it would have taken me to figure out how to do those on my own.
Good job.
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First of all I would like to commend you on a great control. We are now using it in just about every project that we are building with .NET and VB6.
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1. You did a great job with the grid, I love it. I tried about 8 other grids before I found yours and the others were terrible by comparison including Xceed, Janus, ComponentOne, some open source grids etc etc..
You have a great object model that is simple and flexible, good graphics and geat speed.
Keep up the good work. I hope you keep enhancing the grid with reasonable features but don't go crazy and ruin the simplicity of the grid. So many of the controls out there are over-engineered.
BTW The iGrid is so far so good performing great in my Hearing Aid sales database application!!!

2. I just got the upgrade e-mail notice about iGrid.NET v1.5. I downloaded it and am playing with it. All I have to say is WOW! You guys have done so much. Keep up the fantastic work. iGrid is is my humble opinion the best and most versatile grid on the market. It blows away the competition--Janus, ComponentsOne, FlexGrid, Infragistics etc. The beauty is that you keep the grid programatically simple which allows it to be flexible but able to perform extremly complex tasks. The speed of loading is phenomenal as is the visual smoothness. I am sure I will come up with some suggestions in the future so keep up the great work!!!

3. With your grid, I see no reason that you cannot blow away the competition once developers get to know about the product. It really has made my life immensely easier. If I had found your grid sooner I would have saved countless hours screwing around with Janus and other mind-numbing insanely complicated grids. iGrid is simple and flexible yet it is able to perform extremely complex tasks at warp speed and therefore better than the other grids. It seems to be related to the object model you have developed which is array based. In any case you are welcome to use all my compliments and i hope they help other developers "see the light" of iGrid.
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I just found your iGrid a few hours ago and am starting to evaluate it.
and I already like it better than QuantumGrid...

It is light weight and straight forward, I got it up and running from a test datasource (a MySQL command) in a very short time.
Quantum Grid I spent half a day on it and couldn't even load data in the unbound mode.

I haven't explored it all yet, but I like iGrid for variable row height, as certain cells in a column are multiline.
Simple and flexible cell level formats. I can mix types easily in a column.
I am sure I will find more reasons when I try it some more.

First impressions to, I think it looks better than Quantum Grid, which I found a bit too fussy.
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I’ve read your article aboute the .Net iGrid on your homepage, and I’m very impressed how easy it can be to put data in a grid with custom style.

To me the possibility to format data in your grid is very good.
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Having tried quite a few other grids (e.g. MS, Infragistics) yours is much the simplest to use - I keep finding that it is usually easier to do something than I thought it was!
I was halfway through filling the grid 'manually' and then I discovered the magic wand: "FillWithData" !
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iGrid.net is excellent, fully customizable right down to the bone.
It's incredibly fast when filling with data whether it be from a dataset or manually filled source.
Not many grids have the capability that iGrid offers!
Top class component, I would recommend to anyone looking for a customizable grid to look at iGrid.
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What differentiated you was that you were close to the Outlook 'style' field choosing... and user interface style. Also the price was not US$500-800 for a license.

I already have a license of Farpoint Spread.Net, and one of the problems for it is that if you add rows with row.count = row.count + 1 is that although the row count increases, the rows have not increased until the threat that adds the row executes. Farpoint will not fix this 'feature'... It makes their software a pain to deal with - and now I think I will be using your software in most of my projects.
Keep up the good work on the product...
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I've been evaluating your iGrid.NET component for the past several days, and I'm very impressed. We're searching for a cell-driven grid control to display unbound data in a customizable hierarchical format. Most grid controls deal with bound data very well, but iGrid.NET has the unbound flexibility we're looking for. We were able to implement the vast majority of our requirements without the need of a help file or tech documentation, so the object model is fairly intuitive.
Once again, I'm a real fan of iGrid.NET. We're using it for many projects because it gives us far greater flexibility than Sheridan's bloated grid.
Cost really wasn't the issue with us -- although your control is also cheaper. Please let your developers know that they've done a great job, and the excellent support is also much appreciated.
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First of all, let me say that I am very impressed with your iGrid.net product. I am currently working through the samples and I am certainly going to purchase it shortly.

Thank you for keeping this wonderful product at a reasonable price. I actually own the Infragistics suite, and I cannot stand it. It look so nice and pretty, but I cannot even begin to describe how difficult it is to do the most simple things. And I am sure that you have heard this before. So, well done on a truly usable grid.
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iGrid is fantastic! It is incredibly feature rich, which to me is the most important factor when purchasing a development tool. Not only that, but it is very easy to implement in projects, and the pricetag is very reasonable, especially when compared to similar tools competitors offer. Add to this the responsiveness of the support team and you have a winner!
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I originally found you from your google ads when searching on Google for something like "c# .net datagrid". Afterwords, I also thoroughly searched the sites of several resellers to make sure I had a complete list of possible solutions for my project, and your product appeared several time in those searches, too.

There were several things I liked about your product, but I'll name the main selling points. First of all, I couldn't find any way to accidentally throw unhandled exceptions in design mode without even touching the code in the code editor (which I can't say of all such products). Second, the syntax for doing most tasks was straightforward and easy to learn. Last, your product had very excellent sample code.
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After using SourceGrid for a couple of years we found that certain features were very time consuming to code. We examined many .NET grid controls but didn't like the way most of them required Datasets, were memory inefficient and none of them were an easy replacement. After finding 10Tec's iGrid.NET control our decision was very easy. It is extremely easy to use, very well thought out and documented and the conversion went without a single problem. More time was spent removing the previous control than implementing this one! The developers have been very helpful in answering my questions quickly and even implemented features I required in subsequent versions. That is something no other commercial product I've ever purchased has done before, they actually listen to their customers. It was money well spent. Thank you 10Tec!
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iGrid can accomodate the needs for displaying real time data such as financial data, stock data, and so. The important parts are the rowKey and colKey, then every time there are new coming data automatically will seach and replace the current rows using key embbeded in every row and column. I think that iGrid is amazing as a real time component.
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Wanted to let you know that I've been re-configuring the UI for my application and am incredibly pleased with the grid. It is so customizable that I can make it look like other controls (i.e. listbox) in order to preserve the look of the UI while increasing its functionality.
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I absolutely love your iGrid control. I was using a free grid component previously and while it offers the same basic functionality, it's not nearly as powerful or fast as iGrid.
The ease of use and the speed of the implementation far exceeds that of the free controls out there.
I'm still looking into all the features of iGrid, and my amazement never ceases.
The optional PrintManager module is also a real value-for-money addition, and I can recommend to everyone it as a must-buy upgrade.
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