Slow Eddie
I have an unbound Grid.

I want to Add a new row to the data table, move the row I just added which is at the bottom of the grid to the top of then grid.

The manual refers to a property to add the new rows at the top instead of the bottom of the grid. I was unable to locate it. Does this not work for unbound grids?

This would be the preferred method.

The manual also refers to a Row insert method but again I was unable to locate a code sample or walk through anywhere.

The ActiveX Grid had a method that allows one to move a row.

Any help would be appreciated.
Yes, creating a new row at the top is the preferred method in your situation.

In .NET, you should think more the .NET way, when almost all is an object or a collection of objects providing you with standard methods like Add(), Insert() and the like.

iGrid.NET's collection of rows is accessed through the iGrid.Rows object. This is a collection of rows providing you with many properties and methods. One of them is the Insert() method that can be used in your case. An example:

iGRow row = iGrid1.Rows.Insert(0);
row.Cells[0].Value = "some text"; 
Slow Eddie

The amount of questions you have like this you have to deal with would be GREATLY reduced, if you updated the manual, with sample code for every method.

Nevertheless, I appreciate your help.