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Hi Guys,

I am facing an issue when i move a collapsed iGrid tree row up or down, its like the rows are getting hidden.

Basically i have a "move up" and "move down" button on the form. If a select a row and click move up it works fine when the tree row is in the expanded state. However if i collapse the tree row and move up or down the rows are getting hidden.
Also i saw VisibleUnderGrouping return false. How can i set VisibleUnderGrouping programmatically. It seems like its a readonly property.

Please help me to solve this issue. Any help will be appreciated greatly.

First of all, we should note that the VisibleUnderGrouping property should be a read/write property.

Next, here is the corresponding excerpt from the help file regarding the situation when you move nodes in a tree grid:


Be careful when moving a row in a tree-like grid - iGrid does not automatically change its VisibleUnderGrouping property. It means that if you move the row from a collapsed group to an expanded one, the row will not become visible automatically. To make it visible, you should change this property to True.

Is this your case? Can you send us an example that demonstrates your issue to our support service so we can investigate it?