I have a grid with 3 or 4 combo box columns that users can group by using the built in context menu.
The Group Row descriptions however, show the value of the grouping cell instead of the text.
What's the best way to work around this while still allowing users to group by whatever columns they want to.
In the example below, staffing manager is a ComboBox that displays full name but the value is a username. How do I get the grouping rows to display full name?


imohamed attached the following image(s):
An excellent question so I decided to move it to the Knowledge Base section!

When you group iGrid by a column, in fact, it is sorted first by this column. The 'sort by value' sort criteria is used by default in this case. Obviously, in the general case it is not what your users need as the combo box cell values may differ a lot from what the users see in the cells. To sort by visible cell texts, we recommend that you use the igSortByCellTextNoCase or igSortByCellTextUseCase sort type for your columns with combo box cells. You can specify this sort type in the AddCol method, or using the ColSortType property:


If you do this, iGrid will sort and group its contents like the user expects to see. This also directly concerns your question - the internal logic of iGrid will display combo box cell texts instead of their values in the group rows created automatically in this case.