hello together,
how can i sort the rows after adding a new Row (empty) at top (on the first row) for easy inputing data.
regard thomas
It's not clear what you mean and how you added the input row.

Do you want to sort grid rows interactively by clicking column headers but keep the input row at the top after sorting? If you make the first row frozen, you will get this behavior. It's even a preferable way to make this row always visible and accessible for the user regardless of the scrolling position. We demonstrate this in the My Customers sample in the main iGrid.NET demo.

An alternative way to exclude a row from sorting but leave it scrollable is to set the row's Sortable property to False.
Hello Igor,
i mean the following. In call the data from a table in the database an write the data with a function in the table.
The col has 3 fields an the Recordset has 100 Rows.
I want to use the grid in the following way.
The user wants to insert a new record in the Grid (also the table in Database) so i give him an button to add a new row on the
Grid that has 100 Records. The new row will always insert on the end of list. So the user always has to scroll to the empty row and
than he can instert his new data.
Is there an easy way to get this empty new row on top?
regards Thomas
1) You can insert a new row on the specified position using the iGrid.Rows.Insert() method.
2) You can scroll the grid to the required position from code by setting the iGrid.VScrollBar.Value property to the corresponding value.
3) You can 'ask' iGrid to scroll the contents vertically so the specified row will be visible in the viewport with the EnsureVisible() method of the row (iGRow).