Steve Lapides
After creating child rows of a parent by using .AddRow(, , , , , , ParentRow), how do I ensure that the child row(s) display immediately after the parent rows when the grid is sorted by clicking on a column header? See attachment for an example. Specification is the primary row and Claims, Drawings, and Abstract are child rows. After clicking on any column header to sort, the child rows are no longer immediately after the parent.

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Can you send us a sample demonstrating your problem and some accompanying screenshots?
Steve Lapides
Attached is a word document showing the grid after sorting. The child rows are no longer connected to the parent row. I can handle this easily enough using the AfterContentsSorted event if there is no property available that allow it to be done automatically.  Examples of Sorting.docx (51kb) downloaded 44 time(s).
It's impossible to say what can be wrong without having source code. Can you create and send us a sample demonstrating your issue?
Steve Lapides
I was able to handle this using a hidden column to link the child rows with the parent. That allowed me to reposition the child rows (using MoveRow) after any sort, then resequence the child rows in the proper order. Not elegant, but effective.
I'd like to see a sample demonstrating the issue anyway. If it's an issue in iGrid, it must be fixed, and we are ready to do that.