Hi Igor,

using the incremental search in iGrid it would be nice to jump to the next occurence matching the already entered text (e.g. pressing the enter key)
( My Grid has .Editable = False so hitting enter will currently do nothing )

Best regards

Doing this by ENTER is not a good idea if the grid is editable. Instead, it should be a special key combination like ALT+DOWN ARROW. We do that in our iGrid for .NET - see the attached screenshot.

I will think about your suggestion, it's really useful. Perhaps, in later releases.
Igor/10Tec attached the following image(s):
This suggestion was implemented in iGrid 5.0 build 0094 we've published today. Here is the corresponding excerpt from the What's New document:


Two new keyboard combinations can be used during incremental search: ALT + DOWN ARROW finds the next match below the current cell, ALT + UP ARROW finds the previous match above the current cell. If there is no next match when pressing these keys, the current cell remains unchanged.