Kiran Angara

"FindSearchMatchRow" method is really a awesome feature to avoid loops in the program logic. First of all thanks for that.

In my case would like to request for suggestion or solution.
When the user start select/enter data in the iGrid a new blank row will be added automatically after the current row.
So when use this method it taking last empty row cell (quantity) in to consideration as empty cell (correct as per method) and display message.

lRow = FindSearchMatchRow(vSearchCol:="quantity",sSearchString:="") OR _
If lRow > 0 Then


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Please Advice.

Thank You.
Frankly speaking, I did not understand what task you want to implement with the help of the FindSearchMatchRow method. Can you give us more details about that?
Kiran Angara
I would like to find empty/zero value cells in quantity and checking lot no column which are mandatory.
Then you should simply check the value returned by FindSearchMatchRow. If it equals the last row used to enter new data, then nothing was found.

This is not a problem of the method. In fact, your question concerns the logic of using the iGrid member.