I'm using igrid activeX 7.50 with Access for Microsoft 365 MSO (version 2208) 32 bits
When implemneting an iCellTextCombo with empty combo-contents, Access tend to crash. After a fresh PC-restart, Acces is OK for a certain time, but after some input Access starts crashing again.
I've put a breakpoint at the igrInv_AfterCommitEdit but it seems that access crashes before the event trigger reaches the breakpoint.
Have read the content in the topic "Access and igCellTextCombo Crash - Access crushes when combobox is dropping down.", but I couldn't find a solution.

With Me.igrInv
       .CellCtrlKey(strRowKey, "Naam") = ""
       .CellValue(strRowKey, "Naam") = Empty
end with