We have a own CRM-Solution with the option to display ActiveX-Controls directly on the database GUI or use the VBA-Runtime in order to show VBA-Forms.
We are evaluating iGRID for some customer projects and would like to use the iGRID directly in an ActiveX-Container and/or in a VBA-Form.

If we try to use the ActiveX-Control directly in our C++ GUI within an ActiveX container the iGRID- control crashes and crashed our application too.
That's what out developer told us.
If we use it in a VBA-Form all is fine within the same application.

The crash only happens, if we try to access the data grid. We can use the Control via VBA and load some SQL-Data into the grid, scroll the records, sort the records via column header click, but if we click into the data area of the control the control crashes and so does our application.

Is there any chance to get the VB-Code for debugging or to demonstrate the behavior via TeamViewer/Teams session?

Thanks for your interest in our product. iGrid ActiveX is a product developed in VB6, and its source code is also VB6. As we understand, your ActiveX container is a C++ thing, and thus the iGrid source code will not help you in debugging. Even if you demonstrate the crash via a remote desktop app, it won't help because this C++ and VB6 construction cannot be debugged.

iGrid is oriented on usage in VB6-runtime-based COM environments, i.e. in VB6 exe apps and Microsoft Office VBA UserForms. Most likely, the ActiveX container you are using doesn't support a technology needed for VB/COM ActiveX controls or has a compatibility problem. And we think we can't change this, so that you are 'limited' by usage iGrid ActiveX in VBA applications.
OK thank You for Your statement.
We have VBA within our application and it would have been cool, if we could use the iGRID as an ActiveX-Control directly in the C++ front GUI, too.
So we will have to stick with VBA-Forms then.
Maybe we will try to wrap the .NET iGrid into an ActiveX-Container later and publish only the interfaces to ActiveX, which we want to use.
Has the .Net-Control the same function names and events as the VB6 component?
So using the .Net-component in other projects would be easy, if we already know all the bells and whistles from the VB6-component.

Thank's a lot.
We tried to use iGrid ActiveX member names in iGrid.NET everywhere where it is possible. However, it's a product for another platform, and we used concepts of .NET to provide a good native library for it.

Consider also usage of iGrid.NET in your C++ app directly without the ActiveX container to have access to all features without a mediator.