Hi to all,
I have a column headers with CR/LF.

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If I do grouping with this column I see only the first row of the header string, the second row and the value is visible only with tip strip.
Is it possible enlarge the grouping row or put all on 1 row?

Thank you
I can't see the problem looking at your screenshot. If we talk about the 'Event type' column, whose header text was coded as "Event\ntype" to have a line break before the words "Event" and "type", it is displayed fully.

iGrid uses the height of the first row header as the height for all column headers in the group box. If it's not enough for some reason, you can increase this height by increasing the height of the first header row, for example:

iGrid1.Header.AutoHeightEvents = iGAutoHeightEvents.None;
iGrid1.Header.Rows[0].Height = 50;

Notice that we clear the Header.AutoHeightEvents setting because by default iGrid calculates the heights of header rows automatically based on the column header contents and setting header row heights manually does not have any effect.
Hi Igor,

if I understand your answer correctly, I think I haven't been clear enough to explain the problem I refer to.

I try to explain better:
Analyzing the picture attached in the first post the upper part of the picture (grouped columns and header) is diplayed correctly as I expected; in the lower part of the picture (the rows starting with the "+" icon) I see only the first row of the multiline header (only "Event" is displayed of the "Event\ntype" header), while if I place the mouse over one of these rows the tooltip shows correctly the complete data ("Event\ntype:<some value>").

Is there a way to set the height of the rows starting with the "+" icon to display the whole string as in the tooltip? Otherwise, is there a way to force the string to be displayed on a single row?

I hope this explains better what I meant with the first post.

Thank you
I can suggest 3 solutions:

1) Apply the AutoHeight method to every group row to automatically adjust its height to display the group row contents without clipping. Obviously, you need to do this in a handler of the AfterAutoGroupRowCreated event.

2) Use the AfterAutoGroupRowCreated event to change the contents of group rows when they are created.

3) Set iGrid's PrefixGroupValues property to False to avoid using the column header text in group rows.

I would also recommend that you read the Group Row Contents topic in the manual:

iGrid.NET Manual - Group Row Contents.png

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It contains a good description of what you can do with group row values in iGrid.