This is not really an issue but more of an observation that concerns MS Access.

I use the keypressbehaviour = igKeyPressEditReplace in all my grids. In some grids I've noticed that when I press a key it doesn't seem to register. It's very random and it is roughly a 50% chance that it works. If it fails to register it always works on the second keypress.

I discovered that it has to do with the CurrentDB.Execute-command.. The tables being updated are linked to SQL-Server.

If I replaced CurrentDB.Execute with a DoCMD.RunSQL or updated a table via a recordset the issue dissappeared.

This has been an annoyance for me and I'm happy to share the solution with others.

From our experience we know that MS Access uses its own keyboard hooks to process keystrokes, and sometimes pressed keys are even not seen in ActiveX controls if we process them with traditional events like KeyDown. We needed to work hard and implement our own low-level COM hooks in iGrid ActiveX to process required keystrokes and make them work in MS Access. However, it seems, MS Access still gives us surprises in this field. Or maybe it's yet another glitch of MS Access...

In any case, thank you for sharing this solution with other MS Access developers!