I'm trying to migrate my forms from the old msflexgrid. The main reason I bought the iGrid ActiveX control. But I'm having issues getting the form to accept dropped info. I've got a listbox that contains text entries and the user is required to drag selected entries to the grid to complete a task. Is there an issue with the ActiveX that it's not compatible with the drag and drop operation in vba? I'm using it inside of AutoCAD and from what I can tell, all other features function as advertised. The control is great. I just need the box in the iGrid to be filled with the text from the listbox on the action of a drop.

The iGrid is being filled with a recordset prior to the drag operation.

I added the statement JobiGrid.OLEDropMode = 1 when the form load now get a + sign under my mouse arrow during a drag but no data exchanges hands to the iGrid.