When I download and run the WinAmp-styled draggin' sample, I get this error on Win10.

"Component iGrid460_10tec.ocx or one of it's dependencies not correctly registered: A file is missing or invalid."

I have tried to use regsrvr32 to install the .ocx, but perhaps there is another dependency? I dont' have VB6, I have Access, and need iGrid on an Access form if there is a different demo for dragging rows in Access. I just need to confirm that I can reasonably/properly drag rows in a grid to reorder things before I buy.

Or, if you can tell me how to fix this error in this winamp demo.


iGrid ActiveX does not use any external dependencies and launching regsvr32 to register it should be enough. However, you need to do this with the admin privileges and choose the correct version of regsvr32 depending on the 32- or 64-bit edition of Windows. Read the following KB topic on this forum for more info:

Redistributing the iGrid OCX / Registering in the Windows registry 

As for the problem itself, I think, the idea from the WinAmp-styled Dragging sample should work in MS Access too. Try to register the OCX as I suggested above and re-implement that VB6 sample in MS Access. If you encounter any trouble - feel free to ask us for help.


I'd recommend that you install the latest demo of iGrid ActiveX. First, it deploys and registers AUTOMATICALLY the latest version of the OCX (6.5) you will be using in your development after the purchase.

Second, the demo installator deploys a set of samples for MS Office VBA, including MS Access. One of these files, iGrid_Samples.mdb, contains a sample named Drag Rows Between Grids. It's not exactly what you asked for as it demonstrates dragging rows between two grids, but it's close to the idea of reordering rows within the same grid.
I did try running CMD as admin, and then regsvr32 /install iGrid460_10Tec.ocx, but got the error:

The module "iGrid460_10Tec.ocx" was loaded but the entry-point DllInstall was not found.

Make sure that "iGrid460_10Tec.ocx" is a valid DLL or OCX file and then try again"

I also downloaded the 6.5 demo, and those seem to work ok. I only downloaded the Winamp demo because it was named as a sample of drag n drop. I will give that a look.

I checked my Access, and it is 32-bit, will poke around with the VBA samples.

Well, I looked for doc on properly registering .OCX on Win10, and it indicated "regsvr32 iGrid460_10Tec.ocx", without the /install switch, so I tried that (as Admin), and it appeared to succeed. But still, when I ran the demo (project1.exe), it failed with the same error I originally posted. Just letting you know...

I will still proceed with trying the full 4.65 demos and VBA examples, and let you know.
Generally ActiveX controls register themselves with the DllRegisterServer function implemented inside the OCX files. When you launch regsvr32 with the /i (install) switch, regsvr32 is searching for the DLLInstall function inside the OCX. This does not work for iGrid ActiveX and most likely will not work for other ActiveX controls because of the reason described above. The correct way to register the iGrid OCX in the system is to call regsvr32 without switches, which executes DllRegisterServer in the specified OCX.

As for the problem with launching the exe version of the sample, these should be no problems if the OCX registered correctly. The project does not have any dependencies - except the iGrid OCX and the VB6 runtime. Can you post a screenshot of the error message? And if you already registered the iGrid 4.6 OCX in your system successfully, can you add it to an MS Access form and launch this form?
I've implemented an MS Access sample that demonstrates how to drag selected rows within one grid:

  Row Reordering with (24kb) downloaded 52 time(s).

The sample is based on the latest version of iGrid currently available (v6.5).

It also demonstrates how to use iGrid's built-in CTimer object to implement auto-scrolling in iGrid while you are dragging the selected rows.

Let us know whether it is exactly what you need.