10Tec Help Viewer Benefits

Despite the fact that online help systems are very popular now, many software developers still provide local help files for their applications. There are many reasons for this:

  1. End users may want to have local copies of help files in the case if the software vendor decides to close the business and the website.
  2. Online help systems may require Internet connection with good bandwidth, which is still a problem in many regions.
  3. In some situations help files must be available even if access to Internet has temporarily lost, or 'no Internet access at all' is a requirement of a military or government structure.
  4. An online help system may display the help content only for the latest version of the software, but the user needs an archive of the help system for a previous version.
  5. After all, software developers may want to provide only a local help system if they cannot afford to create an online resource or do not want to spend time/money on it.

10Tec Help Viewer designed to view local help files can greatly help you in all these scenarios. Below you will also find other benefits provided by this application.

  • Modern interface with the support for OS visual styles and high-resolution screens.
  • The size of toolbar images and application font (family, size) are customizable.
  • The above two features can help make the help system usable on tablets with touch screen.
  • All strings in the interface can be localized or simply changed if needed.
  • Useful commands to collapse/expand all or child nodes of the selected node in the contents.
  • Index can be displayed using one of the fourth predefined views.
  • Index can be filtered using the 'Begins with' or 'Contains' rule.
  • All lists in the navigation pane support incremental search, which also works for the filtered index.
  • Help topics can be opened in an external browser for further manipulations.
  • Help topics can be enhanced on the fly before displaying (unneeded elements may be removed, external JavaScripts may be turned off, etc.)
  • The application executable is small (about 1Mb), starts quickly, and uses a minimal amount of RAM (about 50Mb).
  • The application is portable and requires only .NET Framework 4.7.2+, which is preinstalled on most modern computers.
  • Adding and removing help files to help library is as easy as copying and removing files.

And the last, but not least. If you need a new feature in this tool, our development team is ready to consider and implement it if possible.

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