10Tec Help Viewer Downloads

You can download the free version of 10Tec Help Viewer using the links below. The download packs contain a sample application demonstrating how to call 10Tec Help Viewer for context-sensitive help. The full source code of the sample application is also included into the archive (a C# WinForms project for Visual Studio).

Item Size Published
Help Viewer 2.2.1 Free Pack (ZIP)
599Kb 2024-Mar-12
Help Viewer 2.1.0 Free Pack (ZIP)
567Kb 2023-Jan-30
Help Viewer 2.0.6 Free Pack (ZIP)
566Kb 2022-Aug-04

The Help Viewer documentation is provided in a separate PDF document suitable for printing and viewing online:

Item Size Published
Help Viewer 2.2 Manual (PDF)
825Kb 2024-Jan-29
Help Viewer 2.1 Manual (PDF)
586Kb 2023-Jan-30
Help Viewer 2.0 Manual (PDF)
579Kb 2022-Aug-04

10Tec Help Viewer is also included into the standalone download packages containing help files for our iGrid.NET control. You can see how Help Viewer is used to provide the ability to view MSHC help files for another commercial product if you download one of these help packages from the following page:

10Tec iGrid.NET Help Packages Download Page