10Tec Help Viewer Screenshots

Expanding/collapsing nodes in Contents

You can expand/collapse a whole node with all child nodes in Contents. Right-click the node, or press the menu key or Shift+F10 to open the topic context menu with the corresponding commands:

Expand/collapse Contents nodes in 10Tec Help Viewer

The two mini-buttons on the vertical scroll bar also allow you to expand or collapse all nodes in Contents.

Various index views

In the default index view, two or more topics for the same keyword are displayed with an indent below the keyword:

2-level Index in 10Tec Help Viewer

You can choose another flat look of Index when every keyword is followed by the topic title:

Flat Index in 10Tec Help Viewer

Select one of the 4 predefined Index views that works best for your content.

Filter in Index

Index displays only the keywords matching the filter criteria:

Filter in Index in 10Tec Help Viewer

The default filter rule is 'Begins with', but you can switch to 'Contains' using the mouse or the functional key:

Index filter options in 10Tec Help Viewer

Incremental search in topic lists

Incremental search works in all lists in the navigation pane, even for Index with a filter applied:

Incremental search in filtered Index in 10Tec Help Viewer

Multi-book Favorites list

Bookmarked topics are grouped by books:

Multi-book Favorites list in 10Tec Help Viewer

When you select a topic not from the currently viewed help file, it will be opened automatically to display the selected topic.

You can rename a topic if required or remove it from the Favorites list:

Rename or delete Favorites item in 10Tec Help Viewer

Topic text size menu

If the topic text is too small or too large, you can adjust its size for comfortable reading:

Change topic text size in 10Tec Help Viewer

Interface elements adjustment

You can adjust the size of toolbar images and the interface font (font name and size) using configuration settings:

Adjustment of interface elements in 10Tec Help Viewer

High-resolution screen support

Below is a screenshot of 10Tec Help Viewer taken on a high-resolution 4K monitor:

10Tec MSHC Help Viewer with high-resolution screen support