Main Features of DocMounter

Our DocMounter allows you to perform the following tasks:

  1. Enter all the standard sections such as summary, remarks, example, see also etc for classes and their members through visual interface.
  2. Add standard XML documentation tags - such as see, code, list, table, etc - through a handy insert tag dialog.
  3. Manage the nodes of your project, i.e. the structure of the table of contents of the future help file.
  4. View and edit the source of your topics in an editor window that support syntax highlighting, spell checking and code folding.
  5. Create conceptual topics (which are not related to a particular class or its member) using the same syntax as for the classes and their members.
  6. Generate the standard XML documentation files which can be used in any tool and development environment that supports it (including all versions of Visual Studio .NET).
  7. Generate a single HTML file from all the additional topics. Later this file may be slightly edited and converted into a DOC, RTF, or PDF format and used as a manual.
  8. The internal extensible model of DocMounter allows to integrate external documentation compilers (such as NDoc or SandCastle) to produce the required output documentation:
HxS file built with 10Tec .NET documentation tool

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