DocMounter System Requirements

DocMounter tool

The latest version of DocMounter requires the .NET Framework 4.0 and can be used in any Windows operating system that supports it (Windows 7, 10, 11).

External tools

DocMounter uses Sandcastle, a documentation compiler for managed class libraries. You should download and configure this tool separately according to the guide in the DocMounter manual. The link to the official download of this tool was the following on the moment of this writing:

Sandcastle Version 2.4.10520 (Official Microsoft Download Center)

However the latest version of SandCastle is 2.6.1062.1, and it was available for downloading on the project's home page at CodePlex ( This page no longer exists, but we saved this installation for our DocMounter tool and provide the ability to download it from the DocMounter Downloads page on this website.

To build and display HxS contents, DocMounter also needs the following utilities: the HxS compiler (HxComp.exe), the HxS registration utility (HxReg.exe), and the Microsoft Document Explorer app. They were supplied as a part of the Microsoft Help 2 SDK. This SDK was redistributed as a part of the Visual Studio 2005-2008 installations, and it was also included into Visual Studio 2008 SDK. These installations are no longer available for downloading from the Official Microsoft Download Center, but you can download them from the same DocMounter Downloads page.

DocMounter source code

The tool is redistributed with full source code. It is a Visual Stduio C# solution that can be viewed and recompiled in Visual Studio 2010 or later versions of this development environment.

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