Microsoft Help Viewer MSHC and DocMounter

DocMounter generates help solutions in the HxS help format developed for Visual Studio 2003-2008. This format is also known as MSHelp2:

HxS file built with 10Tec .NET documentation tool

With the release of Visual Studio 2010 Microsoft introduced a new help format. The final official name of this technology is "Microsoft Help Viewer 1.0". You could also hear such names as "MSHelp3" and "MSHC". They mean the same new format. "MSHelp3" was being used as a work name for the new format and now it is abandoned. "MSHC" stands for "Microsoft Help Container" and it is the extension for help package filenames used in the new Visual Studio 2010 help system. Actually an mshc file is a zip archive with HTML contents but with another extension.

The current version of DocMounter does not produce MSHC files directly, but you can get a Microsoft Help Viewer MSHC package from the DocMounter output. There are two ways to do this.

The first way is to use an automated conversion utility such as mshcMigrate developed by Microsoft Help MVP Rob Chandler. You just specify the input HxS and some output parameters as file names and titles, and it does the rest automatically.

The other way is the following. DocMounter has an option allowing you not to delete the temporary HTML files used to create the resulting HxS file. These files can be used as source files for the future MSHC package. These files need some corrections before they can be packed into an .mshc archive, and you should do this yourself. This process requires learning of the documentation for the Microsoft Help Viewer format and may be tedious, though it provides more flexibility compared to usage of automated converters.

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