iGrid Demos

Every demo package includes the demo version of the product. The demo version has no functional limitations and can be used to evaluate all product features before purchasing.

You have 30 days to evaluate according to the license agreement. Free technical support is provided during evaluation (see all services).

The source codes of the main demos are projects for Microsoft Visual Basic 6. If you do not have this IDE, you can view the contents of individual project files (forms, classes, etc.) in any text editor like Notepad. The source codes of VBA samples can be viewed in Microsoft Office VBA.

Latest version

Item Size Published
iGrid ActiveX 7.5.25 Demo Installer
includes help and VBA samples
4.71Mb 2023-Mar-04
iGrid ActiveX 7.5.25 Portable Demo
only binaries; no installation or OCX registration required
901Kb 2023-Mar-04

Previous versions

Item Size Published
iGrid ActiveX 7.5.21 Demo Installer
4.71Mb 2022-Aug-23
iGrid ActiveX 7.5.21 Portable Demo
883Kb 2022-Aug-23
iGrid ActiveX 7.5.20 Demo Installer
4.69Mb 2021-Oct-12
iGrid ActiveX 7.5.20 Portable Demo
883Kb 2021-Oct-12
iGrid ActiveX 7.0.17 Demo Installer
3.06Mb 2019-Sep-06
iGrid ActiveX 7.0.17 Portable Demo
823Kb 2019-Sep-06
iGrid ActiveX 6.5.84 Demo Installer
4.90Mb 2018-Mar-20
iGrid ActiveX 6.0.32 Demo Installer
4.71Mb 2016-Aug-22
iGrid ActiveX 5.0.105 Demo Installer
4.15Mb 2014-Dec-11
iGrid ActiveX 4.7.153 Demo Installer
3.97Mb 2011-May-19
iGrid ActiveX 4.6.135 Demo Installer
3.76Mb 2010-Dec-24
iGrid ActiveX 4.5.124 Demo Installer
3.57Mb 2010-Nov-05
iGrid ActiveX 4.0.98 Demo Installer
2.84Mb 2010-Mar-25
iGrid ActiveX 3.0.225 Demo Installer
1.86Mb 2009-Dec-25
iGrid ActiveX 2.51.516 Demo Installer
1.24Mb 2006-Feb-06