10Tec iGrid Main Features, Part II

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iGrid implements incremental search. If this feature is on, iGrid highlights the first cell with the text that starts with the characters entered by the user:

Incremental search in 10Tec ActiveX grid control

Notice that the entered characters are displayed deselected - this is the most compact way to implement this feature.

You can adjust iGrid's incremental search a lot: the search can be done in the currently selected column or in the specified column regardless of the current selection, it can start from the very first cell of the column or from the currently selected cell down to the end of the column, the search can be "cyclable" when the search process starts from the first cell in the search column if no matches are found down to the last row.

One more way to adjust iGrid is to specify its cell selection behavior. Users can select cells in the grid in two ways: using single cell selection or entire row selection (row mode). Users can also use multiselect mode in which they can select different cells or rows of iGrid simultaneously:

Multi-select mode in ActiveX grid

You can also adjust a lot of other options of iGrid - specify a background picture, change border style to 3D view, thin or none, remove vertical and/or horizontal gridlines and so forth:

Customize ActiveX grid: set background picture, change border style, remoe vertical or horizontal gridlines

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