News Archive - 2003

New samples added to iGrid 2.5 Extra Demos Pack
We have added 7 new samples to the pack. These samples demonstrate how you can copy and paste Excel cells into iGrid and vice versa thru the context menu, how you can trap the Tab key in iGrid, exporting iGrid contents to MS Excel or even printing it in the background process and implementing automatic resizing of the last column.
iGrid 2.50 updated samples
5 new samples have been added to the main set of iGrid 2.5 samples. The first sample demonstrates how you can use the objects with the ToString() As String method; the rest of the newest samples implement different approaches to the problem of editing databases with iGrid. They explain how iGrid can be used to edit databases thru direct connection or the underlying recordset and demonstrate field-level, row-level or the entire grid-level caching of changes.
iGrid 2.50 build 0348 published
The newest build of iGrid allows you to use objects with the ToString method to get the text representation of these object in the cells, implements some enhancements in user interface and contains a couple of minor bug fixes (some more details - in the What's New file).
CaptionX 1.0 help file published
The full version of CaptionX 1.0 help file is accessible for downloading now.
CaptionX 1.0 released
The release of CaptionX 1.0 has been published. Now you can download the demo of this product which allows you to place in a window's title bar your own icons which work like command buttons and modify a window's title text.
iGrid 2.50 build 0341 published
The latest build of iGrid contains two minor bug fixes related with removing the last row and its visibility.
Our new product - CaptionX
The preview demo of our new product, CaptionX, has been published. This control allows you to place in a window's caption area your own icons and modify a window's title text.
iGrid 2.50 build 0339 published
The newest build of iGrid allows you to display Unicode text on Windows NT4/2000/XP (thus you can use it with such languages as Chinese) and improves the behaviour of the CellValue property so it recognizes ADODB.Field objects and the LayoutCol property.
The full version of iGrid 2.5 help file published
The full version of iGrid 2.5 help file is accessible for downloading now.
New sample added to iGrid 2.5 Extra Samples Pack
The CellCommandButtons2 demo has been added. It demonstrates yet another technique you can use to implement buttons in iGrid cells. It also shows how iGrid can automatically fit width of a column that contains command buttons.
iGrid 2.50 build 0333 published
This build of iGrid contains some enhancements to the FillFromRS method used to browse ADO recordsets; among them using checkboxes to display Boolean fields and right alignment for numeric fields.
The 1st part of iGrid 2.5 help file published
You can download the 1st edition of iGrid 2.5 help file now. It contains practically all updates made to iGrid methods, events and properties since v2.1 and the description of a subset of new features of iGrid 2.5. The full version of the help file will be accessible for downloading in the nearest future.
MS Access compatible build of iGrid published
iGrid 2.5 OCX is not displayed in the list of available ActiveX controls in MS Access 97/2000/XP because it implements some features incompatible with MS Access forms. We have fixed all of these problems and published iGrid 2.5a OCX specially for MS Access. This is a copy of iGrid control that does not contain some minor features which prevent iGrid from displaying in MS Access (more info you can find in the What's new file supplied with the control).
iGrid and xDir got the highest award at
Two our components, iGrid and xDir, have received the highest award (5 stars) at
Three new samples added to iGrid 2.5 Extra Demos Pack
Three new samples have been added to the pack. The first sample, PhoneBook, demonstrates some useful techniques of using iGrid including the newest feature - row keys. Two others demos show how you can implement a column that is not sorted when the user sorts a grid by other columns; such a column can be used, for instance, to display row numbers. We strongly recommend you to download the latest extra demos pack to be familiar with the approaches described above.
iGrid 2.50 build 0330 published
The latest build of iGrid implements the following improvement: you can perform incremental search by pressing an alpha-numeric keys even if the grid does not contain a selected cell (in all previous builds you must select a cell before you will start incremental search).
A serious bug in vbAccelerator ImageList fixed
In our demo applications we are using the freeware vbAccelerator ImageList control by Steve McMahon from We also support this control regardless of and have just fixed a serious bug with the ItemIndex property encountered in some operating systems (the "Subscript out of range" error when you call ItemIndex with a string key). This bug fix and other minor bugs fixed in this control described in the readme_10Tec.txt file. We strongly recommend you to download this improved version of the control (v2.01) and use it instead of the previous one (v2.0).
iGrid 2.5 demo also contains the updated version of the ImageList control now.
iGrid and xDir received the highest award at
Two our components, iGrid and xDir, have received the highest award (5 stars) at
xDir won the highest award at
Our xDir Library has been awarded the TOP score of 5-star by's editor. They also said that "Not everyone can get top marks!"
iGrid 2.5 Extra Demos Pack published
You can download the updated version of iGrid 2.5 additional samples now. This set of demos does not only use the newest version of the control; practically each demo was improved using the newest features of iGrid 2.5 (demo source code was simplified or demo functionality was enhanced). These changes concern custom editing, using the MouseEnter and MouseLeave events instead of the MouseMove event, implementing custom buttons and storing objects in iGrid cells and so on.
iGrid 2.50 build 0329 published
This build fixes some minor bugs found in the retail version of iGrid 2.5. Among them are improvements concerning the row keys and the background color for odd and even rows features; some enhancements were made in the behavior of the ColWidth, ColMinWidth and ColMaxWidth properties.
iGrid 2.5 released
The newest version of our grid control has been released today. It implements a lot of new features. Among them you will find:
- Windows XP Visual Styles support
- New implementation of iGrid header that allows you to create multiline column headers and customize header font, background and foreground color for the entire header or each header item
- iGrid header also draws numerated sort icons by itself and you no longer need to specify a special image list for this purpose; more over, now you can use an icon alognside with numerated sort icons in column headers
- Immediate column resizing with its header and the ability to specify the minimum and maximum width for each column
- The MouseEnter and MouseLeave events for cells and column headers
- OLE Drag-n-drop related events and properties
- The VScrollBar and HScrollBar objects and scroll bar events which allows you to control iGrid scroll bars and detect changes in these parts of the control
Accordingly to our period of upgrade protection all iGrid 2.0 and 2.1 registered users will be able to use iGrid 2.5 without additional fee. Notice only that iGrid 2.5 uses another registration process and no longer uses the LIC file, so you need to write us a letter to get the newest iGrid 2.5 registration utility.
iGrid 2.10 build 0098 published
The latest build of iGrid automatically calculates height of rows which contain row text and has extended support for the PAGEDOWN key in virtual mode. This build is available for downloading at our website now.
New release of iGrid 2.1 Extra Demos pack
Six new demos have been added to the pack. They demonstrate how you can create fully customizable treeview in iGrid, how to implement drag-n-drop operation with iGrid rows (even if you want to drag several rows simultaneously if you have turned multiselection on), how to show tooltips for iGrid cells and column headers and other useful techniques of using iGrid.
xDir 2.0 released
The newest version of the xDir Library has been released today. Now you can buy the Standard or Professional version of this library. Among the xDir new features are different filter criteria (masks with wildcard characters, date and time of creation, last access and modification, attributes), the ability to search for files and folders in asynchronous mode using background process and a lot of other new features.
iGrid 2.10 build 0092 published
The latest build of iGrid has the extended support for the mouse wheel and two small bug fixes (see the "What's New" file).
Extra samples for iGrid 2.10
We published additional demos which demonstrate how you can use iGrid. These extra projects with full source code show how to build buttons in iGrid cells, implement the URL link style cell, use external controls (for instance, DateTimePicker) to edit iGrid cells and other nuances of using iGrid.
The latest build (0078) of iGrid 2.10
The latest build of iGrid contains some small enhancements (see the "What's New" file for more detailed description).
The latest build (0020) of xDir 1.25
We recommend you to download the latest build of xDir because the previous build did not work properly with files and folders which start from the dot character.
The latest build (0019) of xDir 1.25
You can download the updated demo of xDir 1.25 (which uses its new features) and the latest build of xDir now. We strongly recommend you to download the latest build of xDir because this version contains optimized algorithm of context search and we have also fixed a small bug that raises a run-time error in this algorithm (for more detailed description see the "What's New" file supplied with the component).