News Archive - 2012

iGrid.NET demo and help system updated
The iGrid.NET demo installator was significantly updated for better support of the latest version of Visual Studio, 2012, and the Microsoft Help Viewer 2.0 supplied with it.
The iGrid.NET help system included into the installation package was also improved a lot. It contains new topics, and new details were added to many existing pages. All revealed mistakes and minor problems in the electronic help and printable manuals were also corrected in this release.
US Thanksgiving Day and new money saving price system
Happy Thanksgiving to all our US customers!
As our gift to US and all customers throughout the world we've introduced new pricing, helping you save money. Firstly, we now provide a special Small Group license pack to purchase a 10Tec product for 2, or even 3 developers in your organization for a fixed price. That's even cheaper than the cost of 2 licenses. Second, our Site License is for 4 or more developers instead of being limited to just 5 developers. And we've also lowered prices for all purchase options till the end of this month!
10Tec grids compatible with Windows 8, VS 2012 and Office 2013!
We are proud to announce that both 10Tec grid controls, iGrid ActiveX and iGrid for .NET, are fully compatible and have been used by many customers on Microsoft's new Windows 8 OS. Our iGrid ActiveX is also fully compatible with MS Office 2013 VBA. And iGrid for .NET is 100% compatible with Visual Studio 2012. We've updated the compatibility pages for these products accordingly.
iGrid.NET 4.0 build 0007 published
A service update for our .NET grid control was published. It enhances the interactive column behavior in multi-threaded apps, and fixes some minor problems.
iGrid ActiveX 5.0.74 with combo list incremental search available
This new build adds an excellent incremental search feature to the built-in combo lists and fixes two revealed minor bugs. Read What's New and the updated help file to know how the new functionality works.
Important note: iGrid.NET 4.0 and earlier versions of .NET (2.0 - 3.5)
The demo installation of the latest release of iGrid.NET (v4) includes the version for .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010 as the latest release of the development platform from Microsoft. However, pay attention to the fact that there are two other builds of iGrid.NET 4 without any functional limitations for older versions of .NET - 2.0 and 3.5. They are just not included into the demo, but you can order them for the same price and using the same order links. In this case send us the corresponding notification with the request of the required build of iGrid.NET after you have placed your order.
The opinion of our customers is the first thing we take into account when developing our products, and we would be glad to know whether we adhere to the right policy by publishing our .NET products only for the current latest release of .NET. We established a special forum topic with a poll for that, so feel free to share your thoughts with us and the whole developer community in it.
iGrid ActiveX 5.0 build 68 published
The fresh build of the ActiveX grid contains one improvement and some bug fixes which may be critical for your apps. Find out more in the What's New document.
iGrid.NET 4.0 released
The next major release of our .NET grid control introduces a series of new useful features. Before of all, these are drop-down controls you can open from column headers using new built-in column header combo buttons. Among other noticeable new features you'll find cells which act like password editors and individual tooltips you can attach to such elementary cell controls as combo and ellipsis buttons.
This version implements a special smart system which automatically sets the default row height to the optimal value in the typical scenario of a Windows Forms application development. The current DPI setting in the OS and other grid parameters are taken automatically into account in this process, and all this is done with no code from your side. The internals of iGrid were redesigned to use fewer resources, and the functionality of existing methods was enhanced as well.
iGrid.NET 4.0 was recompiled solely for the latest official version of the .NET Framework, 4.0, and is native for the whole infrastructure of this version of .NET.
iGrid ActiveX 5.0 build 62 published
In the new build of our ActiveX grid we improved the performance a lot. First, iGrid works much faster while updating cell properties when the redrawing is not turned off. Second, the speed of cut and copy operations became significantly higher on huge grids - up to 100 times!
All revealed bugs were also fixed. Two of them were critical - they could prevent you from using iGrid normally at design-time and in some scenarios when you add/remove rows and columns.
iGrid.NET 3.0 SP1 (build 0042) released
A significant update for iGrid.NET which has a numerous improvements and fixes all bugs revealed after the release version was published about a year ago was published. Many improvements and bug fixes are related to the design-time functionality of iGrid, other corrections were made in the core runtime code. This version also puts in order many useful internal members which become public in the release of iGrid.NET 3.0 when it was split into two DLLs to support .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profiles.
The source code was converted from the Visual Studio 2005 format to the Visual Studio 2008 format as the minimal VS version according to the expectations of the vast majority of iGrid.NET users – though iGrid.NET still can be used with any modern versions of .NET Framework, such as 2.0, 3.5 and 4.0.
The help system was also significantly updated. New topics were added, some parts of the manuals were completely rewritten for better explanation of the iGrid concepts, revealed problems such as broken links and missing member descriptions were fixed.
Some changes in the component and help system are designated specially for Visual Studio 2010 to remove any issues with using iGrid in this development environment which introduced new concepts and ideas in its implementation.
The comprehensive list of the changes in this service pack can be found in the supplied What's New document.
This is a must have update for all users who are using iGrid.NET 3.0.