News Archive - 2007

Bunch of new samples added to iGrid ActiveX Extra Sample set
The new samples demonstrate how to drag cells inside the grid and rows between grids, how to export the contents of iGrid into MS Excel with an option to print that report, and how you can use Excel-like cell clipping when #'s are displayed instead of truncated cell texts.
iGrid ActiveX 3.0 updated (build #0186)
iGrid ActiveX with a few minor bug fixes was published. The fixed bugs are mainly related to the CellDynamicText event.
hTooltip with the DEP problem fix published (build #0075)
The previous builds of the hTooltip ActiveX DLL may cause some problems with launching your apps if the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) system is turned on; especially this is true after you install some latest service packs for Windows 2003 which turn DEP on automatically. The latest build of hTooltip fixes this problem.
iGrid.NET 2.0 released
The next major update of our flagship .NET grid control has been released today. Among the new features in this control you'll find row headers, row and cell selection modes which can work simultaneously in the same grid, customizable incremental search, auto-complete lists and searchable drop-down lists for the iGrid cells, customizable enhanced tooltips for cells which are not entirely visible, and many new enhancements and improvements.
The demo of the control was also updated to demonstrate the new features. We recommend that you read the whole What's New list and examine the new demo to find out more about all the changes in this new release.
iGrid ActiveX 3.0 build 0182 published
This update of the control fixes two minor bugs and can raise a new own "Out of memory" error which can indicate the situation when there is no available free RAM. The latter feature can be important for you if you work with large amounts of data in the grid, and you wish to inform your users about such situations.
The help file was also updated accordingly, and now it contains some useful information about the iGrid "Out of memory" error.
Online library of extra samples for iGrid ActiveX launched
We launched a new dynamical page with additional samples for our ActiveX grid control. Now it contains 6 new samples (among them are WinAmp-styled rows reordering, direct printing of iGrid, a universal sub for grouping rows), and new samples will be published as they are ready.
iGrid ActiveX 3.0 build 0179 published
A micro update of our ActiveX grid control is available. It fixes one redraw bug that prevents the combo box cells from working properly in Windows Vista.
New build of iGrid ActiveX 3.0 with the updated help file published
The build #0178 of iGrid ActiveX 3.0 was published. It mainly contains the bug fixes for some problems detected in real-world applications.
The help file for iGrid 3.0 in the CHM format was also updated to reflect all the recent changes made in the control. You can download this file in a standalone archive, or install it automatically with the new iGrid OCX using the updated installation of the iGrid 3.0 demonstration program.
DocMounter 1.10 with bug fixes published
Our DocMounter is being used by many customers around the world, and some bugs were detected. An updated build of DocMounter with the fixed bugs is available for downloading now.
DocMounter 1.10 released - now free
Our documentation creation utility, DocMounter, became a free utility, and now it is redistributed with full source code under the GNU General Public License.
Multi-Column Drop-Down List - new important sample for iGrid.NET
A new important sample, Multi-Column Drop-Down List, was added to the iGrid.NET Extra Sample Pack. This sample provides you with an easy-to-use class you can use to build highly customizable multi-column drop-down lists for your iGrid.NET combo box cells because iGrid.NET itself is used as a drop-down control in this approach.
iGrid.NET 1.7 updated (build 0002)
Our grid control for .NET was updated. The latest update contains the fixes for several non-critical bugs found in the control.
iGrid.NET won new highest awards
Recently iGrid.NET won a new highest awards in one more Internet shareware catalogs, Ivertech Software Central.