News Archive - 2023

DocMounter 3.0 Update 1 (v3.0.12) out
The first update for DocMounter 3.0 was published. It fixes several issues revealed since the release and implements some enhancements that make working with the product more comfortable.
iGrid.NET 11 released
We are proud to present a major update to our flagship WinForms grid control. This update is mainly focused on implementing customer suggestions that make programming with iGrid.NET easier or add new features to it. Among them dynamic formatting of footer cells, new options for the FillWithData method, customizable cell tooltip display time, methods to select/deselect ranges of cells and rows, new features in the events related to cell text editing.
The updated AutoFilterManager add-on also implements one of the most popular requests of our customers - the ability to construct arbitrary filter criteria from code. Besides of that, AutoFilterManager 11 solves two problems of the previous versions: inability to restore filters from autofilter files saved in previous versions of AutoFilterManager and .NET 6/7 security issues related to the deprecated BinaryFormatter class.
The row visibility system of iGrid was enhanced to provide the ability to use AutoFilterManager and the built-in search-as-type functionality in grids containing rows made invisible by the developer.
The documentation for the product was significantly improved. First, it describes the new features of iGrid.NET 11. Second, many existing topics were amended to provide more samples and detailed description of existing functionality. Read the updated product manual together with the 15-page What's New file for the version 11 to find out more about the new product features:
iGrid ActiveX 7.5.25: stability improvement update
This update of iGrid brings some stability improvements. They eliminate crashes in situations when a collision while processing selected cells from two places happens. One of the cases when this happened earlier was changing of the current cell in an event handler of the AfterCommitEdit event raised when the DELETE key was pressed. More info is in the updated What's New:
DocMounter 3.0 + Help Viewer 2.1: excellent tandem
Today we present two new releases of our tools related to help systems.
DocMounter, our tool to build documentation for .NET assemblies, was updated to the version 3.0. This major version update brings new features and great enhancements. The most notable of them is the ability to generate help files directly in the MSHC format. Among other enhancements are support for high-resolution screens and ability to create help files without .NET assemblies.
Updated 10Tec Help Viewer also brings several important improvements. First, it provides the ability to use any folder on the hard drive as the help library folder. Second, it remembers the last viewed topic in every help file and restores it automatically when you open a help file again. Third, it was supplemented with new heuristics allowing you to browse help files built with Sandcastle.
The updated Help Viewer perfectly complements the new major version of DocMounter and is used as the viewer of MSHC help files built with our .NET documentation tool.