News Archive - 2013

iGrid ActiveX 5.0.86 released
A new build of our award-winning ActiveX grid control with a series of improvements is available. The accompanying CHM help system was also revised (broken topic hyperlinks were fixed and more see also links were added).
iGrid.NET 4.5 Service Release 1 published
iGrid.NET 4.5 build 22 became available. This service release fixes a series of critical problems revealed after the release of the version 4.5 and improves the design-time functionality of the grid as well. It is a must-have update for all users who are using the release version of iGrid.NET 4.5.
To find out more about one and a half dozen major and minor enhancements and bug fixes, view the detailed 3-page change log for this update.
Update for iGrid ActiveX (build 5.0.81) available
Some serious problems related to the built-in copy/paste functionality, row management and header drawing were fixed in this service update.
Redesigned website launched
We are glad to provide all our users with a new design of our website. Now looks much cleaner and has the improved site navigation system which gives better understanding of our activity and allows to access product info and service pages easier. As a part of these enhancements, the folder/URL structure was significantly simplified for your convenience.
Pay attention to the fact that we have also simplified the canonical site address. Now you can type in just "" without "www." in the address bar to open this website.
Among the great recent changes you'll discover the new Articles section. This section will be periodically updated by adding new articles regarding different aspects of our products usage.
iGrid ActiveX 5.0.78 with improved header published
A significant update of the ActiveX grid is available. The new header drawing engine allows using of the OS visual style in the header without any additional coding efforts in all available versions of Windows starting from Vista, including Windows 7 and Windows 8 (a special manifest should be incorporated into the application to make it possible for all previous builds of the control). Thus, now the users can see the OS styled header automatically, including those who work in MS Access, Word and Excel. A series of header drawing problems were also fixed.
iGrid.NET 4.5 with new AutoFilterManager add-on released
A big update of iGrid.NET is already available. The most significant new functionality you can use with this release is a new add-on component called AutoFilterManager. It is used to add the autofilter functionality like in Microsoft Office applications to our .NET DataGrid control.
10Tec AutoFilter component implements many exciting features. Among them the draggable filter box equipped with the Apply button, the ability to create an unlimited number of custom filter rules and save/restore grid filter presets for later use, a well thought-out keyboard interface and the advanced object model that allows you to customize all color and font settings and change/localize all interface texts.
Install the updated demo to see our .NET grid autofilter in action and read the documentation on the new autofilter functionality.