News Archive - 2014

Christmas update of iGrid.NET brings greatly enhanced functionality
We congratulate all our customers with Christmas 2014 and publish an update of iGrid.NET, build 4.6.20, with some great enhancements. The most important of them is the improved sorting algorithm that allows users to sort primitive data types like integers and strings up to 2.5 times faster! Among other changes you will find bug fixes for some annoying problems related to the keyboard and mouse interaction with the grid control.
The accompanying electronic documentation of the product was also updated. Descriptions of some iGrid members were enhanced, and all links to iGrid members work ok in all versions of the Microsoft Help Viewer supplied with Visual Studio 2010-2013.
iGrid ActiveX 5.0.105 out
This update of our ActiveX grid enhances the virtual mode so it can be used to extend the grid automatically if required when data are pasted from the clipboard. One minor bug with the EndUpdate method was also fixed in this release.
iGrid ActiveX 5.0.102 with improved TreeGrid functionality published
This build of iGrid ActiveX improves the TreeGrid functionality and fixes a series of bugs related to it. Some problems with drawing were also fixed in this release. This is an important update to install if you are building TreeGrid-like interfaces.
One more great enhancement in this release concerns event parameter names. All row index and column index parameters (lRow/lCol) that can contain the zero value were renamed to lRowIfAny/lColIfAny to indicate the fact that the developer should check them before using as row and column indices. No changes are required to the existing code or compiled exe applications due to the COM binary compatibility rules.
The help file was also updated to reflect all recent changes, and more details about the iGrid functionality were added to some topics.
iGrid.NET 4.6.12 out
This update of iGrid.NET adds autoscrolling support for column headers that significantly helps user to reorder columns in wide grids. Some critical bugs related to the autofilter functionality, incremental search and grid events were also fixed.
New Backup Manager sample in iGrid.NET extra sample library
The new extra sample for iGrid.NET contains a ready-to-use implementation of a class that can be used to back up several grids into memory and restore them later. All cell and row properties, column order and column widths, sorting and grouping are saved/restored.
iGrid ActiveX 5.0.94 released
The updated version of iGrid ActiveX improves the incremental search functionality in several ways and fixes one serious bug related to the DEL and CTRL+X keys. The accompanying help file was also updated (the description of new features was added, revealed mistakes were fixed).
iGrid.NET 4.6.5 with touch support enhancements published
The latest update of our WinForms grid control implements some enhancements for devices with touch input capability under control of Windows 7 and 8. For instance, now you can scroll the grid contents with the inertia effect using fingers and do some other things like displaying a context menu for the press-n-hold gesture.
In this build we also fixed three bugs related to keyboard processing in grid cells.
Read the supplied What's New document to find out more about the changes.
iGrid ActiveX 5.0.90 published
Two revealed minor bugs were fixed in this service release of the 10Tec ActiveX grid control. The bugs were found in the code that draws grid lines in iGrid with group rows and in the internal logic related to setting specific editing options.
New poll about .NET client profiles support in iGrid.NET
With the release of the .NET Framework 4.5, the .NET Framework client profiles have been discontinued by Microsoft. We established a new poll on our forum to know whether the future versions of iGrid.NET should support the .NET Framework 4.0 and 3.5 client profiles.
HTML5 version of launched
We are proud to say that we launched the HTML5 version of 10Tec’s website to conform to latest standards in the industry. The source code of every page was examined and changed accordingly. In addition, the compatibility with major mobile browsers like IE on Windows Phone platform or Apple’s iPad/iPhone built-in browser was enhanced.
However, it is very hard to make a website look identical in all browsers on all available devices. If you find any issue with rendering this website on your device, let us know.
iGrid.NET 4.6 released
This big update of our WinForms grid control introduces many new features and enhancements. The product and its accompanying stuff (electronic documentation, demo installation, etc.) have been improved to fully support the latest release of the Visual Studio development environment - VS 2013.
One of the most important new features in the grid control is a brand new custom editing system which dramatically simplifies the process of building custom editors for iGrid.NET. Among other enhancements, you will find new properties to control the image and text layout in the built-in drop-down lists, some tools for better tuning of the iGrid behavior on the screen, a series of design-time enhancements.
This release also fixes some critical problems like resource leaks in the AutoFilterManager add-on, so the new build is an important update for all users of the previous version (4.5) or earlier builds.
Read the supplied What's New document to find the detailed info about all recent changes in the product.