News Archive - 2021

Enhancements in AutoFilterManager add-on for iGrid.NET (v10.0.24)
Meet an update for the autofilter functionality for 10Tec WinForms grid control. The first enhancement is the lightweight filter buttons which are no longer drawn with button borders if the mouse pointer is not over them. This corresponds to the concept of the lightweight UI introduced in iGrid.NET X:
Lightweight filter button in WinForms grid autofilter
The second important change in this release is the enhanced support for the Windows Forms designer providing better automatic resource cleaning to avoid memory leaks. Please, read carefully the What's New to find out more about this:
iGrid.NET demo and help file updated
The demo of our WinForms grid product was updated. Some samples were significantly changed to demonstrate features introduced in the latest releases of iGrid.NET. One of these samples is the full-featured My Customers sample, which now outputs group row totals in normal cells in corresponding columns and uses the footer section as grand total. Another greatly redesigned sample named Right-to-Left Mode shows how to localize the grid UI and how to force left-to-right layout for individual cells while the whole grid works in right-to-left mode. You will find functionality improvements and modern 32-bit icons in other samples.
WinForms grid Right-to-Left mode sample
The latest update of Visual Studio, version 16.8.4, brings a problem that causes delays up to 10 seconds while opening pages from the local iGrid.NET help system. The updated help package for iGrid.NET no longer suffers from this problem. It is included into the updated demo installation or can be downloaded separately from the Download section.