News Archive - 2009

iGrid.NET wins new highest awards in shareware catalogs!
We are proud to say again that our .NET grid control is getting new top awards in different shareware catalogs. You can view all of them in the corresponding section.
iGrid.NET 2.5 build #0025 released
A new build of iGrid.NET with some bug fixes and one improvement is available. One of the bug fixes is critical if you use row keys in your grids.
iGrid ActiveX 3.0 build #0225 released
A new version of our ActiveX grid control was published. It contains two bug fixes, and one of them is important as it prevents your application from crashing on shutdown (the bug depends on the Microsoft updates of ComCtl32.DLL in Windows XP).
Important update of iGrid.NET 2.5 (build #0021) available
A new build of iGrid.NET with important improvements and bug fixes was published. All the recent revealed bugs which may prevent the users from the normal usage of the control were fixed, and we highly recommend that all real-world apps use this updated build of iGrid.NET.
The manual and help file for the product were also extended with new topics and samples. The structure of the manual was redesigned to give a better understanding of the component and its features.
hTooltip 1.1 build #0083 with important bug fixes published
This build of hTooltip contains fixes for the recently found important problems. One of them is a problem with displaying tooltips after the user has clicked the control with the tooltip when visual styles are on. We strictly recommend to upgrade your projects to use this updated version.
iGrid ActiveX 3.0 build #0223 released
An error while editing rows with a height greater than the visible area height was fixed in this release. Some minor corrections and additions were made in the iGrid help file.
The demo and manual for hTooltip updated
The demo of our tooltip component, hTooltip, was updated. Among the series of changes you find a troubleshooter that helps you to solve problems with displaying tooltips. The manual was also updated to reflect new information concerning this ActiveX component.
xDir component and its demo updated
A problem with folder omission was detected and fixed in the latest release of xDir.
The demo of the component was also enhanced (more shortcuts were added to the Start Menu program group and they are more organized now, the demo no longer uses the non-redistributable MS Office Forms controls to display Unicode file and folder paths, some revealed minor problems were fixed in the demo source code).
New Hyperlink Cells extra samples for iGrid ActiveX and iGrid.NET
A new Hyperlink Cells sample that demonstrates how to turn the iGrid ActiveX cells into clickable hyperlink cells was added to the iGrid ActiveX extra sample library.
The same sample for iGrid.NET was enhanced a lot. First, now you are able to define your own rule used to treat a cell as hyperlink and hyperlink click action in two new public events of the HyperlinkCellManager class. This approach allows you to easily attach the class "as is" to existing grids and adjust its behavior without modifying its source code. Second, now you can select a cell with a hyperlink without activating the hyperlink if you click the empty area in the cell.
New VBA samples and updated help file for iGrid ActiveX are available
We enhanced our demo installation and added some new samples for MS Office VBA developers to it. The help file of iGrid was also updated (some corrections were made, and additional descriptions were added to a series of the iGrid members).
iGrid ActiveX 3.0 build #0222 released
This new build fixes one minor bug with sorting Null values in iGrid.
hTooltip 1.1 with Unicode support and custom fonts released
A new version of our tooltip component was released. The updated hTooltip supports the full range of Unicode characters on Windows NT systems and allows you to change the font of the tooltip windows.
The new demo of the component contains the updated main demo (Visual Basic 6), updated manual and some new samples for non-VB6 development environments (.NET Framework, MS Access, MS Office VBA, Visual FoxPro).
iGrid.NET Copy/Paste Manager class reloaded
The significantly updated iGCopyPasteManager class you can use to easily add copy/paste functionality to your iGrid.NET's was published in our online iGrid.NET Extra Sample Library. The new edition of the class allows you to extend the iGrid.NET control with the following features:
- Cut/copy/paste functions available from the keyboard or mouse through the context menu.
- The ability to select or deselect all cells with the CTRL+A/CTRL+D keyboard commands or optional extra buttons on the vertical scroll bar.
- The optional ability to copy the column headers of the selected cells into the clipboard.
- The iGCopyPasteManager class allows you to work with non-rectangular selections available in iGrid.NET and hidden cells which can be automatically selected if the SelectInvisibleCells property is set to True.
- The methods of the class can be used to perform copy/paste actions from your code.
Visit our iGrid.NET Extra Sample Library to get this and other additional samples for iGrid.NET.
Updated build of CaptionX ActiveX available
The most significant recent changes in the CaptionX component make it possible to use it in the right-to-left environment and allow you to have Unicode window captions on WinNT systems.
Our iGrid controls receives highest awards
We are proud to say that our grid controls, iGrid ActiveX and iGrid.NET, are constantly receiving the highest awards in online shareware catalogs. You can view some of those numerous awards in the Awards sections for our controls.
New extra samples for iGrid.NET
During last months we prepared many samples for our customers based on their requests, and a whole number of those samples were published in the iGrid.NET online extra sample library. These samples include some useful classes you can use to enhance the grouping functionality of iGrid (for instance, automatic addition of total functions to group rows), a class which converts iGrid cells to real hyperlinks, an example of how to export the contents of iGrid to MS Excel.
Important update of iGrid.NET 2.5 (build #0015) available
An updated version of iGrid.NET and its help/manual were published.
Among the changes in the latest version you can find improved sorting algorithm which can work faster up to 5 times for some data, and the functionality of an Apply button available in the column, row and cell collection design-time editors. This update also contains some important bug fixes, and we recommend that you upgrade your projects and real-world apps to this version of the component.
The manual and help file were considerably rewritten. The manual contains new descriptions of some facts and techniques used to program iGrid. Both manual and help file were changed to reflect recent changes made in iGrid.
New extra samples for iGrid ActiveX
A couple of additional samples for iGrid were published during last months. Visit our online store of the iGrid extra samples to see them.
iGrid ActiveX 3.0 build #0220 released
An update for our iGrid ActiveX control is available. In this build we fixed some non-critical problems revealed by our customers.