News Archive - 2005

iGrid.NET 1.5 build 0014 published
The latest build of iGrid.NET is available. It fixes two minor bugs in iGrid.NET and isn't a critical update. Read the What's New section for more details.
Updated demo of iGrid.NET 1.5 & help file
The updated iGrid.NET demo is available for downloading.
It has been supplemented with a PropertyGrid sample that demonstrates one of the crucial features of iGrid - the ability to create cells of different types in the same column:
.NET PropertyGrid sample
The iGrid.NET help file has been also enhanced - new more detailed descriptions and samples were added to existing topics.
The iGrid.NET demo is an MSI installation package that installs and registers in VS IDE the help file automatically, so you can download and install the latest demo to get these two new things.
iGrid.NET 1.5 build 0012 published
The updated build of iGrid.NET 1.5 is available. In this build:
- full support for Visual Studio 2005 was implemented;
- old column and cell styles constructors were re-added to simplify migration process from iGrid.NET 1.0 to 1.5;
- some minor bugs were fixed.
The updated MSI demo of the component also automatically integrates the iGrid.NET help into VS2005 IDE during installation.
More info about the new features can be found in the What's New section.
New iGrid.NET People Say page
With this website update we introduced the People Say page you can visit to know the opinions about our product. You are welcome to write your own response on this page.
iGrid ActiveX 2.51 updated (build 0512)
We updated the latest version of our iGrid ActiveX control. It fixes a few minor bugs, but we recommend that you upgrade to this version especially if you install your apps on Windows 2003. The fact is that Microsoft implemented the Data Execution Prevention technology (DEP) in the Service Pack 1 for this OS, and the previous builds of iGrid ActiveX may not work properly in this environment on some hardware configurations (read the What's New file supplied with the component for more details).
New awards of our controls
Our controls won some new awards recently. They are:
- hTooltip won the highest awards at and SharewareRiver.
- xDir won the highest award at
- iGrid also won the highest award at
iGrid for .NET 1.5 released
The next version of our .NET grid with the help file is available for purchasing. Among the new features in the latest version you'll find:
- Built-in support for combo box cells based on a new paradigm you can also use to create your own drop-down lists for the iGrid.NET cells.
- Ellipsis buttons you can place in a cell of any type (even in the combo box cell).
- The LayoutObject property you can use to save and restore columns layout.
- The ability to place icons of different sizes in the cells of the same grid.
- New properties you can use to adjust grid lines for different iGrid.NET parts were added.
The full list of the new features can be found in the What's New file supplied with the component and in the same section at our website.
The component is redistributed with the help file and the updated manual included in the MSI demo. When you install it, the help file is installed and integrated into your Visual Studio .NET automatically, but it can be also opened as a standalone window through the Start menu.
The component is still based on the .NET Framework 1.1, but it has been tested with the .NET Framework 2.0, and it works in this environment properly.
iGrid for .NET 1.0.7 published
The updated build of our grid control for .NET with some minor bug fixes is available for downloading now. We have also slightly enhanced the iGrid for .NET demo and added a new sample that demonstrates one of the million possible ideas how you can bind iGrid to an ADO.NET DataTable to view and edit it.
We also established the What's New page for iGrid.NET, and you can visit this page to read the full list of the changes in the component.
iGrid.NET 1.0 Manual updated
The iGrid.NET manual has been updated too. It was supplemented with additional code samples, screenshots and new sections which explain some advanced topics of the iGrid usage (such as the fine tuning of the editing process and intercepting the iGrid standard conversion errors in this process, imitating standard user actions from your code and custom buttons on the iGrid scroll bar, etc.)
iGrid ActiveX 2.51 updated (build 0505)
The latest build of iGrid ActiveX fixes some minor bugs, enhances the view of no-clip cells in row mode and implements improved support for MS IntelliMouse and compatible devices. The help file was updated accordingly as well.
hTooltip ActiveX DLL 1.0 released
The new product of our company, hTooltip, has been released today. This ActiveX DLL provides you with an easy way you can use to create real native Windows tooltips in your apps. With this library you can create multiline balloon tooltips, adjust their time and view parameters (backcolor, forecolor, internal indents, etc.), display tooltips on demand at any specified point:
hTooltip, a component to create native Windows tooltip
hTooltip also implements many useful features (such as the MouseEnter/MouseLeave events for your control) in addition to the standard tooltip functionality and can be used not only in VB6 but in many development environments which support COM - Visual Basic for Applications in MS Office, Visual FoxPro, Delphi, the .NET Framework and so on.
Changes in our price list
Our price list has been changed due to the release of the new component, hTooltip. Now you can buy more ActiveX products for a less price if you buy them together. Our registered customers can also buy the new product hTooltip with a discount.
Website update - full basic info about iGrid.NET
Today we've updated our website and published the main information about our new control, iGrid for .NET. Now you can know more about this control from the Control Tour and other pages devoted to iGrid.NET.
iGrid for .NET 1.0 released
The first .NET native version of iGrid is available. You can download iGrid for .NET with demos and the control's manual for evaluation and order the control now.
Changes in the price list and our licensing policy
iGrid ActiveX users may purchase iGrid for .NET with a discount.
In our usage policy the term 'period of upgrade protection' has been changed for .NET components - we introduced a renewal policy for this class of products.
iGrid for .NET v0.99 is available
Now you can see and test the preview version of iGrid control for the .NET Framework. We have been still working hard at the .NET native version of our grid control, but the first release version will be available for sale till the end of the first quarter in 2005. This preview version allows you to know how the first version will look and what features will be present in it.
The recent build of iGrid 2.51 (build 0486) published
This latest build of the grid fixes several bugs in the control (resource leaking when you work with intrinsic combo boxes and some minor problems). We also updated the help file (some topics were extended and a couple of bugs were fixed).