News Archive - 2022

Documentation for iGrid.NET updated
The help file and printable PDF manual for iGrid.NET were enhanced. They contain new topics and revamped existing topics. You can find more details with new accompanying screenshots about the features of the header section, focus rectangle, combo box cells and built-in drop-down lists in the new edition. Many screenshots were also updated to show how the iGrid UI looks in the latest version of the Windows OS, which is Windows 11.
You can install the latest edition of the documentation as a part of the updated demo package. The documentation is also available for standalone downloading and browsing with the latest edition of the portable 10Tec Help Viewer:
Update for iGrid.NET 10.1 available (v10.1.8)
This update brings several significant improvements to the AutoFilterManager add-on. First, the time required to attach AutoFilterManager to the target grid can be 30 times less compared to the previous versions. Second, it uses much fewer graphical resources. All this became possible due to the redesigned internal architecture of the add-on.
And the last, but not least improvement: the add-on's source code was converted from Visual Basic to C#. The code parts based on the Visual Basic runtime services were rewritten to avoid any dependencies from this runtime.
There are other improvements in the add-on functionality. The iGrid.NET control itself also implements two useful improvements. You can find comprehensive information about all these changes in the updated What's New document.
iGrid.NET 10.1 with enhanced Windows 11 support and .NET 6 WinForms Designer compatibility released
A big update of our WinForms grid control is available.
The first important enhancement in this release is the support for WinForms designer in projects targeting .NET 6. This functionality became available due to the WinForms Designer Extensibility SDK actively being developed by Microsoft and the new redistribution model of the iGrid assemblies based on NuGet packages.
Among significant control improvements worth to note are the support for the OS hover effect in scroll bars and the updated system border. The former improvement is especially noticeable in Windows 11 with its new look of scroll bars, but also enhances the visual functionality of the control in the previous versions of Windows. The latter improvement provides the OS-styled system border for iGrid.NET out of the box - what makes its boundaries look exactly like the boundaries of system list controls (ListBox, ListView).
These and other numerous improvements and optimizations are described in greater detail in the What's New file for the control.
The documentation for the product was also greatly enhanced. It contains new topics describing the latest improvements and revamped existing topics with updated screenshots and new code samples. As always, you can deploy the full electronic documentation by installing the product demo or download the manual and help separately.